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Fall Break 2012

We had the day off from school. Until Monday, I’d had no idea about the break! Go figure. it would seem that I am always the last to know, I guess.

I made the most of my day.

First, I slept in. I had graded tests and reading logs for over three hours and then spent the rest of the evening piddling around the house.

This afternoon, my friend, Jane, came and picked me up. We ate lunch at a local Mexican restaurant.

You might recall that I worked with Jane my first year of teaching. We talk on the phone about once a week but don’t get to see each other often because of our hectic work schedules.

We had such a wonderful conversation and stayed at the restaurant so long that dinner was being served as we left!!!

Our main topic was teaching…of course!! We are passionate about our students!!

Jane had recently met my mentor, Cinda, at a professional development workshop, and Jane was eager to share about the new strategies she had already begun using in her classes.

Jane and I offered each other advice about various things. BFFs are good at such things, you know!!

Not ready to leave each other’s company, we headed to Target after leaving the restaurant.

We hit the mother lode when we saw the dollar bins. As teachers, we gravitated toward the small pails and baskets…


These are going to be perfect for the tables my students sit at!!


I bought quite a few items…mostly snacks and other goodies for the football players I’ve adopted.

Jane and I had to be silly, of course, and tried on turkey and witches hats. We were like teenagers, taking photos of ourselves. We kept a wary eye out for security. They were probably steering clear of the crazy ladies!!

We wound up buying a cart full of stuff, laughing as we left the store…


We made the most of our time. We knew we would be returning home to lesson planning, professional reading (she recently began her quest for a master’s degree, and I am about to begin working on my fourth reading endorsement class), and regular household duties.

The day could not have been any better!!

I am so blessed to have this sweet lady in my life.

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  1. So glad you got a well deserved break!

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