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Whatever Gave You That Idea?

Think I’ve had a busy couple of weeks?

Hmmm…maybe I should let the pictures do the talking.

Between lessons on Question-Answer Relationships (QAR)…using song lyrics to help get students interested and to simplify the question-making process…

I was beginning preparations for vocabulary lessons…ordering books on Amazon and doing some hard-core thinking about how to implement what I was learning…

I also received goodies I’d ordered from Kagan training I’d attended in August…

That vocabulary book you see in the picture above is AMAZING, so I spent a lot of time reading, digesting, thinking, and planning.

Meanwhile, I was having fun playing with my fancy new timer…

But wait!

In addition to new resources, toys, and teaching (after all, that’s what they pay me to do), I was also incorporating three new students into my mix and bemoaning the move (out-of-state) of one of my favorite students (his seat was quickly filled with one of the new students).

I gained three this week and lost three.


But not altogether sad.

One of my classes is STILL presenting a lot of behavioral problems for me, so they have not seen a happy side of Mrs. AuburnChick in a while.

This does not please me, let me tell you.

I won’t say more except that my life this week was STRESSFUL.


Despite being up until 12:30 lesson planning every night, I did take breaks…

No, I didn’t get to buy these because the Mr. would not let me.  He claimed that the shoes looked like something a *cough* Alabama fan (aka GAG fan) would wear.

I really wish Bear Bryant had preferred ugly old purple or something (don’t tell my friend, Barbara, I said that).  heehee

The shoes stayed at Kohl’s.

I also had to prepare more goody bags for my football players…

After every outing, I returned home to lesson plan.

It’s my new routine.

Work, eat dinner, work, sleep.






I did manage to squeeze in time to figure out how to connect my iPad to my Smartboard, via my desktop computer, through a program called Doceri…

That’s my iPad above, and below is a picture of the iPad and my Smartboard in the background!

The dogs are getting quite miffed at me, though, as I have had no energy to play.

They’ve taken matters into their own paws…

So, to answer to the question, “Why haven’t you been blogging much this week?” I’d have to respond with a, “Whatever gave you that idea?”


One Response

  1. I. Completely. Understand. Spent a few quiet hours this morning composing some drafts. It was heavenly! Enjoy your weekend!

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