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Going the Unconventional Route

Rooster has always been the kind of kid who marched to the beat of his own drum…both literally and figuratively.

Things haven’t changed much now that he’s away at college.

He spent the first week and a half bored to death.

With few friends and two of his suitemates in the band, he didn’t have anyone to do anything with.

Rooster is a bit introverted and isn’t known for socializing.


That changed when he branched out and took a chance.

We suggested that he look into joining a fraternity.

Not because we wanted him to get the “full” experience of college, but because we wanted him to make connections.

On his own, Rooster decided to look at Farm House and BYX (Beta Upsilon Chi).

BYX stands for Brothers Under Christ and is pronounced “bux.”

Both fraternities are known for their non-drinking stances.

BYX, though, is an outright Christian fraternity.

Although the organization doesn’t have a full charter (or something like that) at Auburn, the group is working on it.

Rooster went through Fraternity Rush week and by the end had himself a bid…

From BYX.

The group is serious about keeping its members focused on Christ’s teachings, and the new pledges were immediately put into small groups.

They were also added to group text messages and receive multitudes of messages every day inviting them to do things with other “brothers.”

When we saw Rooster last weekend, he gushed about his new group of friends.

Chicky even commented on his Facebook wall, saying she was proud of her “Brudder.”

Well, this Mama is too.

Rooster purposely sought out other young men who share his faith in the Lord and serve a risen Savior.

At a time in his life when he could be going wild and crazy…away from home for the first time and free from my apron strings…he is making very good choices.

I’m extremely proud of him and grateful for answered prayers.

The following picture was posted by one of the guys in the fraternity.  The pledges had to get a picture of the entire pledge class atop the roof of one of the famed buildings on the campus with a certain other building in the background.

I guess you could say “Mission Accomplished.”

In my mind, this saying has many meanings.

One Response

  1. Glad he is doing so well! Go Rooster!!!

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