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Just One of Those Weeks


I had every intention of writing, but alas, it’s 11:50pm, and I just got finished lesson planning…for lessons through Wednesday!

I spent nearly eleven hours at work (yes, I did type that correctly), got home in time to grab dinner with the Mr., showered, and then sat down to prepare lesson plans.

I did not even turn on the television, and that’s saying a lot.

It took a while for the lesson planning mojo to kick in, but I finally got a good idea…self-titled “Song Lyric QAR Carousel”…and still need to prep quickly when I get to school in the morning.

BUT, my Smart Notebook file is ready, so I’ll have something to follow, and the kids will have something to look at.

The rest of my week involves meetings every day, professional development, and more lesson planning.

AND, I’m leaving early Saturday morning to drive down to watch Chicky play soccer.

AND, I’ve got another assignment to complete for my online class.


I will catch up on my blog reading…


I will catch you up on news around here…

If I can catch my breath.

Perhaps tomorrow I’ll get the rest of my lesson plans finished for the week.

And then maybe…just maybe…I’ll be able to write more detailed posts…

And share pictures.

Keep your fingers crossed!

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