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  • “Writing, to me, is simply thinking through my fingers” — Isaac Asimov

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In My Element

The Mr. and I took a little trip.

I left all of my work at home.

To get in the spirit, I got all dolled up…


We drove. Well, actually the Mr. drove while I slept.

A reunion was had, with me hugging my boy (getting some love while checking to make sure he’d been eating).

We ate dinner and walked around campus taking in the sights…



My heart swelled with joy as I listened to Rooster describe meet-ups with friends, his new fraternity brothers (more about that in a different post), and life, in general.

We even saw his messy room. He’s kept his promise and not made his bed since we moved him in.

After depositing him at his dorm (he had a frisbee game to get ready for), we pondered what to do.

We decided to catch a soccer game…


Tomorrow we will arise early to head back to the campus for the first home game.

I am completely in my element!

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