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New Books, New iPad, and Power Thinking

I’m composing this post from my iPad. It’s the first time I’ve done so, hence, I beg your forgiveness for typos.

I’ve been such a busy girl of late and am finding it a little difficult to stay on top of things.

I read the blogs I, subscribed to…a couple of times a week.

Other things I enjoy doing are getting left by the wayside, unfortunately.

One of the things I’ll have to make time for is reading…especially after receiving these in the mail today…


I just finished reading the first thirty pages of Every Day, and WOW am I hooked!!!!! I have a feeling it won’t take me long to finish this book!!

I have already read Keeper. It’s an excellent book with a neat surprise at the end. I bought it with one of my students in mind.

Besides ordering books and learning how to use my iPad, I’ve also been doing some hard-core teaching. My mentor came in and modeled Power Thinking. It’s a new-fangled way of outlining that is much easier to understand and follows textbook mapping quite well.

The photo below is what my mentor showed my students. Power 1 is the dumbbell, and all of the following powers support the weight.

We practiced with non-academic content first, and my students had a blast!! Just as with textbook mapping, I was able to walk around and gauge understanding while spending extra time with the students who needed the most help.

You can see from the pictures below that the students had a lot of fun with the topics they chose. For the record, I’m tying this strategy to academics next.



This is just the tip of the iceberg of what my life has been like this week. Both of my children may be away at college, but I feel as if I’m running just as hard as I ever did!!!

2 Responses

  1. I loved The Book Thief!

  2. Glad that things are going so well at school.

    The iPad is amazing. When I used my sister’s this summer, I found typing on it very awkward. I suppose with practice it would be easier.

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