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Quiet Moments

It’s quiet in the house right now, but it will only be a few short hours before the house is abuzz with the flurry of activity that accompanies the last-minute packing of a child about to return to college.

This thought makes me sad…tear up in fact…for I’ve had one of the best weekends in a long time, and I don’t want to see it end.

To find Rooster’s car in the garage on Friday afternoon was a moment that brought such joy to my heart.

Eating dinner with him that evening and listening as he described the activities he’d been participating in at school made me smile.

Waiting up for him to return…or rather trying to wait up for him (I hit the bed around midnight with an ear tuned to the garage door opener) reminded me of the summer, when he stayed out late at friends’ houses or was out longboarding with those same friends.  Hearing him tell me goodnight as he headed to bed was the lullaby I needed to lull me into a contented sleep.

Even though we did our own thing Saturday morning and afternoon…he visited with friends and I got a pedicure and ran errands…he returned home early that evening to watch the Auburn game with us.  Seven of his friends joined us, and the house was filled with loud laughter, soft giggles, and many overlapping conversations.

Boy, how I’d missed this!

Sleep came easily once again as I knew that my baby was tucked into bed under my roof for another night.

Sunday was a time of worship, and I saw Rooster’s smile and happiness…stemming from him being around friends he genuinely cares about…doing things he loves to do…helping run the sound board and words (for the screen) during the service.

He was in his element once again.

Getting a hug before the service and after it was just what I needed to start my day off right and just what I’d been missing the previous two Sundays that he had not been home.

As we went to lunch after church…a visit to my newly-favorite restaurant Red Brick Pizza way out on the beach…and watching while Rooster interacted with the group of friends that came with us…my heart overflowed once again.

This is my comfort zone…having my child nearby with other wonderful young people close at hand as well.

We returned home and spent a few low-key hours there.

Rooster was in his room when I popped my head in and decided to stay and chat…

He was most accommodating, and thus began an hour and a half of soft spoken conversations that ventured into the realms of politics, music, and fraternity rush week.

My boy has a lot of opinions and can back them up with solid arguments.  He’s quite the interesting young man to talk to…solid in his convictions without being judgmental.

Sitting there in that room with my boy, I realized that though he’s in college and will be gone more than he is at home, I don’t have to worry about us losing our close bond.

I’ve spent the last eighteen years nurturing him, encouraging him to think on his own, while loving him the best I can despite tons of mistakes on my part.

That comfort level that we have…even when words aren’t spoken and we’re just in the room together…well, it can and still WILL be there no matter how much time elapses between face-to-face together time.

It’s going to be difficult to watch him drive away later, and I’m already crying as I think about it, wiping my tears as I type this.

This house is so much more alive when my children are in it, and having Rooster home for a few days was a tangible reminder of that.

But, I am storing up the memories of our quiet moments together and will return to them when my heart is missing him.

Though I’m shedding a few tears now and will when he leaves, I have joy in my heart for the man I see Rooster becoming and the way that God is using Rooster’s time in Auburn to groom him into the man that God knows he will become.

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