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In Her Own Time

Wow…what a weekend!

As you know, one of my town’s young ladies, Madison, was involved in a car accident on Friday evening.

As of this writing, her condition has changed very little, and the prognosis is still very grim.

I visited her family in the hospital yesterday…spending a few hours there.

Her parents are holding up as well as one can expect given the tragic circumstances.

There have been a few chuckles, despite the intense heartbreak.

Madison’s mom walked into the waiting area and announced that Madison came into this world two weeks late, and it wouldn’t surprise her if she held on a couple of extra weeks before departing.

I’ve also heard stories about how Madison was always late to everything, so it’s no surprise to those who know her best that her timing now isn’t any different.

The waiting is so hard, and the painful moments more intense than any I have ever witnessed.

The cries of anguish that I’ve seen and heard are heartbreaking.


I watched as Madison’s parents comforted one another in a corner of the waiting room.  I pulled my eyes away in an attempt to respect their privacy.  I cannot imagine having to live out their darkest hours in front of so many people…such raw emotions.

These are incredible people, though…so generous to share Madison with all of us.

Last night, my church held a service for the youth group…a time for them to honor Madison by sharing their favorite memories of her…a time for praying for her and her family…a time for comforting one another.

Like the previous night’s prayer vigil at the school’s gymnasium, the Gospel was preached by one of my church’s youth pastors.


I sat and watched as a room full of students sat in rapt attention as the Gospel of Jesus Christ was presented.

Three youngsters gave their hearts to Jesus during this time.

Tears rolled down my face as I considered that Madison’s accident may have been the catalyst for three more souls joining the family of God.

After the service, I watched as Madison’s friends wrote messages on posters…words that will one day bring comfort to her family…

It’s difficult to watch these youngsters grieve.

As we know, though, grief is a part of life, although it kind of stinks to have to grieve over someone so young.

What amazed me as I watched these students after the service was the way they comforted one another.

I watched as a group of five gentlemen gathered into a huddle, put their arms around each other, and prayed.

In fact, my jaw dropped.

I wanted to pull out my phone and snap a photo (blogger that I am), but I didn’t.

For two reasons.

1)  My battery was almost dead, and

2)  Despite the public venue, it was one of those private moments that a photo would have intruded upon.

Still, the image is burned into my mind.

As the minutes ticked by, I watched as these kids’ tears turned to laughs and, in true teenager fashion, they left…many of them smiling.

That is what Madison would have preferred because, as I’ve already mentioned before, she is a child with a quick smile and a hearty laugh.

As so we left…returning to our homes to continue praying for this young life that has touched so many…waiting for the Lord to do His thing…smiling to ourselves at the distinct possibility that Madison is choosing her own time to meet Him…probably using this time to plan her grand entrance into Heaven…true Madison style.

Oh, and before I forget, I want to share this song, which someone in town wrote and recorded in honor of Madison.  He wrote it after reading a newspaper article about her accident.

This song bespeaks of how one life can touch another…especially a life as vibrant as Madison’s.

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