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Doggy Therapy

I thought I’d treat you to some recent photos of my fur babies!

Here’s Aubie, old gal that she is…

Poor girl.  I think that she’s sprouting more white hair every day!  Her hearing is not super-great these days either, and she’s starting to have some problems when she gets up from the floor.  Still, she’s full of energy and can still take down the younger pups.

Pele’s next.

He’s the most serene of the bunch, but he is occasionally bitten by the naughty bug.  In the above picture, I think he was trying to tell me that he misses Chicky, his mama, and how dare I allow her to spend the summer at college.  I hear you, Big Guy.

Molly’s up next.

She’s the most skittish of the crew.  I have no idea why!  We’ve had her since she was only a few weeks old.  She was itsy bitsy when we got her from the pound and very, very young.  We think she had to fend for herself early on after being left by her mama.  She doesn’t come out from under the bed very often.  We have to bribe her with treats and then close the bedroom door just to prevent her from becoming too anti-social.  She’s loveable, though, and she’s my baby.

Gambit is next, and he has quite a few pictures…

He’s about the happiest-go-luckiest dog I’ve ever seen and very affectionate.  He does not, however, like new people and is very scared of them.

He’s also quite the snuggler…

I tried hard not to let this little guy work his way into my heart…at the beginning when we weren’t sure if we were going to keep him after he’d followed me around the neighborhood on New Year’s Eve.  Once the Mr. gave the green light to keep him, I opened up my heart, and he jumped right in!

Scary eyes, eh?  heehee

I am a blessed gal to have so many loving critters around me!

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