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AuburnChick Goes on a Drive


I’ll admit it.

I’m feeling extremely lazy.

Maybe that’s because I’m completely worn out from spending 60-70 hours each week working on lesson plans and Reading Endorsement assignments.

Although I had scheduled a hair appointment for Friday afternoon, I had some time to play…

Especially with You-Know-Who waking me up at the crack of dawn…

The house had been especially quiet because Rooster was at a church camp several hours away.

So, I headed out…game plan in mind.


Enjoy the solitude…

Ring up Christina, my BFF, and chat for about half of the drive.

Then I called up Super Sis and talked to her for a short bit.

The drive to my intended destination was scenic with the beach on one side and tourist attractions on the other.

Traffic was heavy at times, but I was patient.

I had my destination in mind.

When I arrived, I chatted it up with a store employee and another shopper who, it turned out, has her Master’s degree in education but is currently a stay-at-home mom and hasn’t had her own classroom yet.

I had a lot of fun selecting my purchases and walked out a happy camper.

Wanna see what I drove across two counties to buy?

Oh, Malabrigo, how I love thee.

You make my heart sing with joy.

Sure, I know that I need more sock yarn like I need to hear another dumb blonde joke.

Still, I could not resist that blue.  Blue happens to be one of my favorite colors, and a pair of socks made with color will go especially well with the blue jeans I’m fond of wearing.

The pink?

Well, I’m going to use it to make this…

The pattern is on Knitty.com, and it’s FREE!!!

You can bet that I won’t be wearing mine while I cook, though.


I tried to keep my drive on the DL (“down-low” for those of you who don’t speak Teenager-Speak) from the Mr., but, as Chicky says, I tend to broadcast everything about my life on Facebook, so it wasn’t such a secret.

His only question was, “So, did you travel out of the county today?”


I figured it was my reward yarn…my reward for making it through my second year of teaching.

Can you believe that the other gal who was shopping in the store had NEVER bought reward yarn?  And she’s the fairly new mom of a second child!!

Hello?  I would have made sure I bought cashmere for birthing a baby.

She also had trouble deciding if she should buy one skein of yarn if she didn’t know what to make with it.

If you’re a knitter, you’re appalled by her indecision.

Can you believe that she’s been knitting for seven to nine years?


Clearly she needs to friend me on Ravelry so I can teach her a thing or two.


This will be one of my few indulgences this summer.

I’m getting down to work with my Reading Endorsement class…hoping to barrel through it as quickly as I can so I can finish it a few weeks early.  My end-of-the-summer plans are going to be very hectic, so I’m thinking ahead.

Meanwhile, I’ll be loving on my new yarn, trying to finish up the project I’m currently working on, and (hopefully) casting on for that new shawl!

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