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Just Another Manic Monday

How many of you started singing along as soon as you read the title of my post?

Honestly, I wanted to title this post, “Monday Sucked,” but the language seemed a bit vulgar for a high school teacher.

Still, I just said it, didn’t I.

Seriously, what made yesterday so rough?

Hmmm…first of all, it was the first day of a new semester.  Though I kept most of my students…intensive reading classes run all year long…I lost six and gained around twelve.




I’d spent most of the weekend prepping and thought I had my act together.

I should have known, though, as I tossed and turned Sunday night, that my hopes were based upon fluff and inexperience.

Acclimating the new students to established routines was h-e-double-hockey-sticks.

Except for my fourth period class who, as usual, proved to be my saving grace.

First of all, I made the mistake of placing a new, unexpected student beside a hormonal, girl-crazy boy.

Oh Lord help us.

After class, I changed her seating.  She’ll be surprised when she comes to class today.

Second, I made the mistake of snapping my fingers to get my students’ attention.

Oh Lord help me.

One of my new students took offense, telling me not to snap at him like he was a dog.

I ate some crow and apologized.

I think he’s going to forgive me.

Another of my classes went hog wild for no conceivable reason.  The new students were quiet, so I can’t blame them.

Let’s just say that mamas and grandmamas were called after school.

Lord help me.

All of this follows an episode last week when a student who was not even one of mine called me “Mufasa,” after the Lion King character (watch to the end)…

She was trying to prove that she wasn’t afraid of me.

And she did the arm thing where she waved me off.

This after she disturbed my class by yelling in the hallway and challenged my authority to write her up.


Not too bright.

So, it’s no surprise that I went into school determined to set firm boundaries.

I’ve got a lot to teach between now and FCAT time…April…and I cannot afford to waste precious minutes disciplining teenagers who know what’s expected of them.

A fellow teacher gave me the following script, which I’m going to have students read out when I require them to call their parents, from my classroom, if they misbehave or repeatedly fail to turn in work…

Oh, Manic Monday, how you tried to thwart me from enjoying the dream I long nurtured, but I have a little secret for you.

Tuesday came, and I’m hopefully kicking its butt even as my readers pore over my heartfelt words.

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