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An Upgrade

Gambit, our newest furry addition to the family, has become quite comfortable in his new home…so much so that he is showing a penchant for naughtiness…

I’d show you what he did to Rooster’s room, but I deleted the picture…thinking I’d already uploaded it to Flickr.  It’s just as well.  There’s no need to make him look too naughty.

As such, we made the wise decision that the pup should not be allowed to roam free while we are out and about.

Hence, the crate, which we got back from the people we’d loaned it to…

He’s not too fond of it…don’t let the picture fool you.  We usually have to coax him in there by throwing in a treat, although I have discovered that when he’s really tired at night, and Rooster is spending the night elsewhere (Gambit usually sleeps with Rooster), then Gambit walks right in, no treat needed.

Sunday, while I was vacuuming the house (Rooster was gone to a retreat, so I was doing his chores), I discovered that we are getting black marks on the floor beneath the crate, so I decided to buy a small rug to place under it.  Upon closer inspection, though, the Mr. discovered that the crate was missing the bottom part of the cage, and that the plastic tray was, essentially, free to move about.  Not only that, but the tray was cracked in several places.  Because the metal piece was missing, the crate’s corners were sitting directly on the floor, leaving the black marks.

It was time to buy a new crate.

Crates are not cheap.  We’d already bought two over the course of our pet ownership, so we knew, but trudge to PetSmart, I did, and came home with this…

It’s a Kong, and if you’re familiar with dog products, the brand Kong is known for its durability.

The crate was on sale, though it was still not cheap, but it seems to have been worth the cost.  What I like about it is the door that slides up and rests on top of the crate.  Actually, the crate has two doors, and both slide up…

The crate is very durable…the steel or whatever metal it is much thicker than the last crate.

It’s also an inch bigger all the way around, giving our little guy a bit more room to be comfortable.

I’d call that an upgrade!!

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