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Eager To Help

Yesterday, I felt my stress level increase exponentially after I received an email welcoming me to the first of ten Reading Endorsement classes.

What is Reading Endorsement?  It’s a reading certification program that reading teachers in Florida are required to obtain.  A teacher is allowed to begin teaching reading without this certification; however, the teacher must be making progress toward earning the additional certificate.

Hence, it is time for me to take the plunge.

I cannot say that I’m very excited.  The teaching certification program I went through last year left me enlightened but burned out.  So, the prospect of another year and a half of classes, albeit one at a time this go-round as opposed to three at a time like last year, does not leave me happy.  Lengthy readings and weekly assignments in addition to my full plate of lesson planning, parenting, and domestic engineering will not leave much free time.

And yet I keep reminding myself of my New Year’s goal…to maintain balance in my life.

I am determined to stay calm and not kill myself by being super-anal about everything.

I recently started taking Molly on almost daily walks.  She needs the extra attention with the additional furry family member who unexpectedly joined the family.

As I felt the stress increase yesterday, I reached for the dog leash.

Molly was only too happy to comply…

Seriously?  How could anyone turn down a face like that?

If you don’t mind, I’d appreciate some prayers.  Despite my vow to breathe deeply and take things in stride, this goes completely against my nature.  I tend to become the Energizer bunny the more wound up I get, and I just don’t want to walk around in circles and exhaust myself.

Thanks a bunch!

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