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Dear Tuesday

Dear Tuesday,

Listen carefully.  You and I need to have a little chat.

See, today was kind of a rotten day, and I thought I should get a few things straight.

I realize that Monday gets an inordinate amount of coverage time in the press.  After all, everybody hates Mondays.  In fact, there are even a few songs dedicated to this particular day of the week…

Perhaps it was jealousy that led you to give me problems today.

I mean…there you sit, in between Monday and Wednesday, otherwise known as Hump Day.

Oh, and everybody LOVES Friday.  Thursday gets a lot of attention because it is one day closer to Friday.

Saturday is college football day, and Sunday is pro football and church day.

And there you sit…smack dab in the middle of No-Attention-Land.

Yeah, that must be it.  I’m thinking that you finally got fed up and decided to throw a hissy fit, much like the students in two of my classes today.

Apparently they needed some extra attention as well.  Such is the case with teenagers, you know.

But here’s the thing.

I am a teacher.

I expect Mondays to be bad.

Kids don’t want to come back to school after assignment-free weekends.

Truth be told, most teachers aren’t exactly jumping out of bed on Mondays either…not even those teachers who love what they do (insert Yours Truly’s name).

I’m going to do you a favor by forgiving you for this slip.

See, I believe in second chances.

BUT, and that is a BIG but (no pun intended), heed my words.

Should you decide to imitate your older sibling, there will be consequences.

Severe consequences.

Like I might run for president, pass a law to extend the weekend to three days, and turn you into Monday.

Oh, you think being cranky once in a while is fun.

Just see how you like it on a regular basis.

Consider this fair warning.



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