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Day 2 – At Sea

Day 2 of The Great Adventure was spent at sea…the entire day.

The sky was overcast, and there were mountains in the distance…

The ship rocked a lot as it made its way across the waves.  Many in our crew fought queasiness throughout the day.

There were a number of activities going on around the ship.

As I walked to the Lido Deck to eat breakfast, I saw that the Signature Shops had set up a sale around the pool.  Because I had not had time to replace the battery in my watch, I purchased this inexpensive sports watch to make do…

It’s actually quite a decent watch considering the $10 I spent on it.  It has an alarm, snooze, calendar, hourly chime, and stopwatch.

Next up was something I’d seen on the schedule that had been left in the cabin by my cabin stewards the night before…

Dance Class!

You might remember my recent post – where I explained that I would like to learn how to do the waltz.

Well, my dreams came true when the dance class provided instructions on how to do the waltz!!

Coupon Queen and Chicky accompanied me to the class where, to my dismay, mostly couples showed up.

I figured I would probably mostly be watching; however, the instructors, dancers who work for the cruise line, lined up the males and females and taught both genders their respective steps.

So, I got up and lined up with the girls and learned the basic steps.

When it came time for dancing to the music, I sat down and watched.

I didn’t have a partner.

Still, I enjoyed myself.

Next, Super Sis, Coupon Queen, and I went down to the shopping area and waited to see if we would win a drawing for jewelry.

We didn’t.

Oh well.  I haven’t exactly won the lottery before…I’ve never been what one might term “lucky” as far as winning things goes.

Somehow, we fit lunch into the tight activity schedule…hustling our way up to the Crow’s Nest for the next item on the agenda…

Line Dancing!!!

Chicky, Super Sis, and I had a grand time learning the steps to several dances…

Super Sis is the first gal on the right…dark hair.  I’m to her left (blonde ponytail), and Chicky is to my left…barely seen…blonde hair.

Take a look at our feet.  you can tell that we’re definitely Southern girls…used to going barefoot!

You guys…let me go on about this activity for just a moment.

I have to say that this was one of the most fun activities I did the entire trip.

I love dancing…always have.  If you are reading this and knew me in high school, then you’ll know that I went to every high school dance and was usually the last person to sit down.

During our little dance session on the ship, we learned how to do the Hustle (think about John Travolta).  Last, we learned how to dance to the song Cotton Eyed Joe.

Now, first the instructor made us pair up.  Super Sis and I joined forces.

Then, we had to make two circles, with the guys on the inside.

Sis and I looked at each other…eyes huge.

She got to be the “man.”


The last step we learned was that of the guys pushing their partners (the girls) forward to the person in front of them.

That meant that we were changing partners, and we had to put our arms around our new partners and hold hands.

Can you saw AWKWARD?

I was mortified, and Sis’s face looked the same.

Still, we played along.

The music was turned on, and off we went.

At times, I had a girl partner as other friends had to take turns playing the guy of the pair just like Sis and I.

What a great time we had!!

Oh my word!

I am ready to buy a pair of cowgirl boots and go dancing every weekend!!


While we were line dancing, Coupon Queen went to a class on flower arranging.  She’s pretty good at crafty stuff, so this was right up her alley.

After the line dancing, we headed to the Culinary Arts area for a lesson about hummus and pita.

When we entered the room, we saw tables set up like the following picture…

There was going to be a wine tasting after the hummus class.  I thought the glasses were gorgeous as they sat on the red table tops.

The hummus and pita thing was held behind the red curtain just beyond the wine glasses, so we bid adieu to the beautiful display and made our way to the back of the room.

I have to tell you that the hummus/pita thing was the most poorly done demonstration I’ve ever attended on a cruise.  Unfortunately, the gal…the one in charge of all culinary activities…would become my least favorite employee on ship…so unprofessional and disorganized.  I attended one other activity she participated in but, for the most part, avoided anything that had her name on it.  Sad to say but oh so true…and my only complaint of the entire cruise.

At 3pm, the family gathered for Team Trivia.

Now, you must know something about my family.

We like trivia.

A lot.

We divided into girl/boy teams, just like the last cruise.

Chicky had not been feeling well, so she napped through the trivia.  We forgave her.

Still, the girls managed to beat the boys by one point.  Overall, our group didn’t beat out the other contestants that day (or any other day, for that matter).  Still, it was fun.

After trivia, we got ready for our first formal night.

Dinner was delicious.  I ate vegetarian sushi, vegetable strudel, and mushroom soup…

After dinner, Super Sis, Super D, their children, and mine attended the 70’s music trivia session.

What fun!  We did real well, but we didn’t win…coming up just short.  Still, we had a great time.

After the trivia, there was going to be a 70’s dance party.

I was totally up for that; however, the others left me to attend a show.  I don’t like attending the shows on ship.  The auditorium makes me feel nauseous.  So, I stayed to watch people dance.  It really wasn’t that much fun, so I left the party early and went up to the Crow’s Nest to read for a while before heading back to my room, where I found this towel animal…

None of us were exactly sure what it was.  We thought it might have been a sea shell.

Everyone was eager for Day 3…when we would pull into our first port.

3 Responses

  1. Sounds like a very full, fun day!

  2. It all sounds like fun. Except the rocking part. I don’t do motion very well.

  3. I believe your steward presented you with a hermit crab.

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