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Memorial Day.

A time for remembering and honoring those in our armed forces who have fallen in the name of freedom.

As a naturalized citizen, I am especially grateful that a country would welcome those from foreign lands, allow us to become part of its citizenry, and fight to defend us, adopted sons and and daughters.

Today, I want to share two videos.

The first is a Psalm 23 Memorial Day Tribute.  Kathy Triccoli sings the 23rd Psalm.

The next video is the Dixie Chick’s song, Travelin’ Soldier.

Rooster’s English class read the book Fallen Angels.  They had to do PowerPoints analyzing characters (it was an English class, after all).  The teacher also had a fundraiser for the Wounded Soldier Project.

As a treat, the last day of the project, a tenth grade female student went into the classroom and sang Travelin’ Soldier while strumming her guitar.

I was subbing in the class next door, and I heard a few strains and enough words to figure out what was going on.

I was amazed, and after talking to the English teacher, the student came into fourth period to sing for my class.

It was touching to see my students sit, mouths agape.

It did not surprise me, though.

I live in an area that is home to a couple of military bases, and there are two more within two hour’s drive.  The military presence is strong here.

I hope the song touches your heart as much as it does to mine every time I hear it.

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