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Happy 16th Birthday, Rooster!

It seems like only yesterday that I was wishing Chicky a happy 16th birthday.

Now, it’s my baby’s turn.

I think Father Time has been running on the treadmill lately.  Whatever happened to my little guy who I could set in the middle of the living room floor and return minutes later to find him keeping himself happy with a piece of carpet lint (he was quite the easy-going lad).

Oh wait.

He turned into the young man who just this weekend found himself sitting fairly still for hours…in front of his Xbox with three friends and his oldest cousin.

Yeah, that’s how he spent Friday…five Xbox consoles, five TVs, and one very hot room with all of that electronic equipment running.

The only time the boys emerged was to grab chicken nuggets from the Chick fil A party platter we’d brought home or to get drinks of water.

Typical boys…give them a game console and food, and you never hear from them.

We went to a movie on Saturday (more about that in my next post), but we’re saving our traditional “birthday dinner out” until after graduation…knock out two birds with one stone.

All around, it has been a fairly low-key birthday, but still a huge milestone.

Rooster is more than a Modern Warfare junkie (that’s the newest and most popular Xbox game).

He is a young man who began going to Wednesday night youth group before Chicky.  He encouraged her to go each week, and finally, she did.

He is a young man who woke up extra early during Easter week to attend church services BEFORE school.

Rooster is a young man who jumps at every chance to spend time at church.  Two years ago, he went to Kentucky on a two-week mission trip, and he is planning on going to an Indian reservation out West for another mission trip this summer.

Rooster is a young man who, when asked to help out fellow church-goers, will eagerly lend a hand.  He recently assisted the youth pastor in pulling roofing off of his house.

Rooster is a young man who gave up two social invitations to spend time with me on my birthday because, in his words, “In three years, I won’t be here to celebrate your birthday with you.  I’ll be in college.”

Happy Birthday, Rooster.  It is a privilege watching you grow and mature into the man God intends you to be.  I consider it an honor to be your mama, and I love you very much.

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