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Top Ten Chicky School Memories

I think it is more than fair to devote a little extra blog-time to Chicky, given the very important milestone that is at hand.

Last night, after posting my thoughts about her first and last days of school, I started remembering things she had said and done at school over the years.  I want to share my top ten memories with you.

  1. 1st Grade – Chicky has never forgotten the day I made her walk to school in her pajamas.  We had been battling about her getting up on time, and she had been warned.  The crossing guard asked if it was Pajama Day at school.  Nope.  It was a life lesson.  I had packed regular clothes in Chicky’s backpack, and I asked her teacher to allow her to change during recess.  Chicky always got up with her alarm after that day!
  2. 1st Grade – During a parent/teacher conference, Chicky’s teacher wrote, on her permanent record, “I have every confidence that Chicky could run the class if I weren’t here.”  Um, yeah.
  3. 2nd Grade – As I approached her classroom (a portable) to volunteer, I heard the following chant:  “Go Chicky, Go Chicky.”  I wondered what was happening, and when I opened the door, I saw the students playing Musical Chairs.  They were urging her on.  She was competitive even at that young age, and she was quite fast.  She had already won a game or two.  She was a BEAST!
  4. 4th Grade – Chicky joined the Football Club at school.  A neighbor found out and asked, “Oh, is Chicky cheerleading?”  My response?  “Neighbor, you obviously do not know us very well.  Chicky would never put on a cheerleading outfit.  She’s on the football team!”  She would up playing wide receiver and running back.  Those boys could not catch her!
  5. 5th Grade – Chicky and a couple of friends rode bikes to and from school.  One afternoon, they got chased by a few boys.  Chicky pedaled as hard as she could and came in breathless and scared.  She was brave enough, though, to report the boys, playing a huge role in them leaving others alone.  I was so proud of her!
  6. 6th Grade – We had just moved across the state, and Chicky started a new school.  When I picked her up that first day, Chicky got in the car and announced that we HAD to go shopping.  She needed a new outfit, a purse, and “lipstick.”  I said ok to the first two, and we compromised on the third, getting clear lip gloss…just a little something to put in her purse.  This was the first major sign that my baby was growing up.
  7. 6th Grade – At the end of this first year in a new school and a new town, we attended the awards ceremony.  Chicky was awarded the Principal’s Award – the highest honor bestowed on a student.  She was floored given that she had much such an impression in such a short time.
  8. 9th Grade – Chicky made the varsity soccer team as a freshman…a rare thing.  She got hurt halfway through the season and had to endure surgery.  Despite playing only slightly more than half the season, she was awarded the Coach’s Award.  Her good attitude and devotion to her team was evident early on.  I bawled my eyes out that night as I watched her hobble up the stage’s stairs on her crutches, touched by the coach’s kindness and Chicky’s perseverance.
  9. 12th Grade – During Chicky’s high school soccer team’s Regional Final game, Chicky scored the last goal.  Defenders do not get moved up much and hence do not score often.  To see her pump her fist in the air in joy brought a huge smile to my face and made me almost lose my voice as I cheered for her from the stands.
  10. 11th or 12th Grade (I can’t remember which one) – One day I walked into the Media Center during lunch.  I saw Chicky, sitting at a table with other friends.  I started to speak to her but stopped myself when I saw everyone’s heads bowed.  They had been having a Bible study and were praying together…right there…in the middle of the school library…at prime social hour.  THIS is my favorite memory of all.
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