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The Angst of Yearbook Signing

The students at Chicky and Rooster’s high school received their yearbooks this week.

No matter what decade you’re in, some things never change.

I’ve watched these kids carry their books from class to class, the same sentence repeated over and over:  “Sign my yearbook, and make it good.”

I overheard one girl tell another about the stresses of signing the books.  She said that she had to “be in the yearbook signing mood.”

I’ve watched others explain how they are saving “these two pages” for so-and-so, and “they better make it good.”

Yesterday, one girl recounted how her boyfriend said the sweetest things, “only misspelling three words.”

Sigh…I’m aflutter with emotion.


I’m sure we all remember our own yearbook blurbs.

Mine went something like this:

“AuburnChick, you’re the best friend a girl could ask for.  You always tell me when I have boogers in my nose, and you never let me leave the bathroom with toilet paper stuck to my shoe.  I’ve even forgiven you for pulling the chair out from under me during the middle of lunch [yes, I really did do that].  Call me this summer, and we’ll put baby oil on and get burned to a crisp together.  BFF4EVR”

Yeah, right.

I don’t remember getting a phone call, and I am positive that said people and Your’s Truly were never BFF’s, nor did we stay that way.

Still, at that impressionable age, teens get caught up in the moment, thinking this is the pinnacle of their lives.  And it is.  So far.

Both their innocence and cattiness (talking about how much they hate so-and-so and then writing BFF messages the next class period) cause me to chuckle…and remember back to a time when I did the same thing.

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