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Yo! Lock the Door!

It was a long week.  I administered six AP exams, and I have six more to give next week.

When you spend six or seven hours a day watching students take exams, life tends to take on humorous undertones.

Such was the case today.

While taking a break during the U.S. History Exam, I, along with the other proctors, hurried to get snacks, drinks, and potty breaks.

I ran to the teacher’s restroom, and gripped the door handle.  Upon discovering that it wasn’t locked, I unbuckled my belt – ready to do my business in record time.

As I pulled open the door, I spied someone else in there…

Another substitute teacher…

A MALE substitute teacher.

He was standing at the sink, but my brain did not process it this way.

My eyes simply saw a man…

In the bathroom.

I screamed a girlie scream, pulling my shirt over my unbuckled belt.

As I slammed the door shut, I heard his normally deep voice scream a girlie scream.

I was mortified!

He exited a minute later, and I apologized.

He did too, but we both were laughing.

“I wasn’t doing anything,” he assured me.

“Why didn’t you lock the door?” I asked.

“I was only checking my hair,” he continued.

“Next time LOCK THE DOOR,” I implored.

We have five more days of testing to go, and I do not want this to happen again.

I learned a couple of lessons:

1) Next time I’ve gotta pee, I’ll knock.

2) There will be no unbuckling until I’m safely in the bathroom with the door locked!

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