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What Do You Really See?

Today, while hanging the laundry on the clotheslines, I started thinking (and the smoke detectors started going off…just kidding).

If people saw your clothes hanging on your line, what might they think about the people who live inside?

My eyes misted over as I gazed upon this quilt…

Now, one might assume that the owner doesn’t know how to take care of stuff.

However, a wise soul might understand that this quilt has been used often.  How many children lay beneath it, keeping warm at night?  What comfort was found within its folds as one child or the other fought bronchitis, the stomach bug, or strep throat?

Oh, the stories this quilt could tell an observer.

What about these items…

The shirt is Chicky’s Olympic Development Program (ODP) shirt from a couple of years ago, and the socks…well, they are her soccer socks.

A passerby might assume there’s an athlete in the house.  Either that or someone who’s been on Survivor and wore the long socks during the challenges.

Seriously, though, I wonder if the person might even remotely guess at how many games were played by the owner of these items.  How many hours were spent on the field?  One might wonder at the dedication that it took to continue playing at an age when most kids have hung up their cleats.

As the onlooker’s gaze travels down the line, it stops on this…

What is it?

It’s Chicky’s night pants.  Look closer, though.  See the safety pin at the waist line?

Oh, the lengths people will go to in order to save favorite articles of clothing.  These are items that we’re comfortable in, and that we just can’t let go of.

I wonder, though, if the onlooker might also think of how frugal the owner is.  Some people have the luxury of buying a new pair of pants when the tie string breaks.  Not this family.  We wear things until they wear out.

Now, what about these dish towels…

Did you notice the holes in the one on the right?

An observer might correctly assume that these towels have seen much use.  They might consider how many meals have been prepared.

What the observer doesn’t know is that the cloth on the right has been around since the beginning of the establishment of this household…20 years.  Some things are too difficult to part with…even old dish cloths.

And the last item that might catch someone’s attention…

Would an outside observer notice that this is a hand-knit wash cloth?  Would he pause and wonder in amazement at the thought that yes, people really do use such things?

Might he notice the beautiful cables that run the length of the cloth (pat on the back for Your’s Truly).  Oh, the care that was taken in such an everyday item.

In fact, all of the items on the line are ordinary.  And yet, they speak volumes about those to whom they belong.

Bet you’ll never drive by a yard with a clothesline and not think twice, eh?

4 Responses

  1. You are so right! Next time I see a clothesline, I’ll look past the underwear and panties and see everything else in a different light! 😀

  2. I love the quilt. I know we have some shredded “hole-y” blankets that are just the most comfortable! And I too have some t-shirts I refuse to give up – holes & faded & the most comfy thing – & I’ve had since middle school!!!

    BUT, there is a house that has all their underwear hanging from their line every week & that, UGH, I dont WANT to look closely at those items… 🙂

  3. *love* this! It so closely echoes what we hang out on our line 😀

  4. great insight… love the quilt… some things just can’t be parted with… glad to see that I am not the only one who likes to hang on to the memories!

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