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Back in the Saddle

Well, I’ve had a week to recover from the excitement brought on by Chicky’s high school soccer team’s success.

Last week, I had finished a four-week subbing assignment.  This week’s slate was, for the most part, empty.

I spent the few few days of the week in a stupor.  I went grocery shopping.  When I opened the back of the car, this is what I saw…

An empty trunk.

It looks strange.  Mr. Heater has been put away, has have the soccer chairs that are almost like permanent appendages of my body.

On Wednesday, I returned to the dentist.  I had a long-overdue cleaning to endure.  My dental hygienist was pleasantly surprised to discover that she wouldn’t have to pull out the ice picks to remove the plaque from my teeth.  I think my last visit cured me of my fear of the dentist.  Seems strange, eh, given that I walked out of there with a huge hole in my mouth!  My gum is healing well, and I even scheduled my next cleaning appointment.  As I checked my calendar, I was a little sad as I realized that Chicky will be settled in at Rollins by then.

That evening, I had to attend what will probably be one of my last high school soccer meetings.  We met at one of the restaurants that had generously held a fundraiser for the team.  A friend on the board surprised me when she bought my dinner.  So sweet, that one (and a small answer to prayer as my checkbook is even more lean these days).

After the meeting ended, we stayed a bit longer…just the two of us.  Each of us ordered a glass of our favorite wine and sat for about an hour while we caught up with the latest news.   Our girls have played soccer together since Chicky was 11 years old.  Her daughter has one more year of high school left.  We’re going to miss each other next year.

Thursday was one of those days…

I have been staying up late to watch Olympic coverage.  By Thursday, I was worn out.  I saw the kids off to school, caught up on email and headed back to bed, where I stayed until Chicky arrived home for lunch…around 12:20!

Yeah, I was lazy.  I didn’t feel guilty, though.  Sometimes a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

Friday, I made up for the previous lazy day by meeting the principal of a Christian school in the hopes that she will hire me as a six-week substitute for a teacher at the school.  I am excited at the prospect, but I’ve learned not to get my hopes up.  I don’t want to be disappointed if it falls through.

After my appointment, I went to the high school to sub for the teacher I had just finished an assignment for.  Her students were ecstatic to see me.  I beamed as my “children” walked in the door.  I felt like I had arrived home.

I know it had only been nine days since I’d seen them last, but oh the joy that filled my heart when I saw their smiling faces.

Being a sub can be tough…especially when you are desperate for your own class.  I feel like a foster mom whose children are being pried from her arms to be returned to their birth mother.

It’s painful.

After I got off work, I returned home and resumed work on a slide show I’m creating for the soccer banquet next week.  The most difficult part about this project is selecting the music to accompany the pictures.

Have you ever read the lyrics for workout/energetic music?  Bad stuff, most of it.  Certainly nothing I would allow my children to listen to!

Thanks to the help from some of my friends (and the Mr. who found the PERFECT song for a special section of the show), I think I’m set now.  The slide show will need a bit more tweaking over the next few days, but it is close to being done.

In addition to all of the stuff I did this week, I also started a project for the Ravelympics.  It’s going to remain a surprise.  I’m pleased with my progress and hope to finish it in the next few days.

I’ve gotta say that being back in the saddle is interesting.  Not having games to attend two or three nights a week is a strange feeling.  It will be even weirder when the soccer banquet is over, and I don’t have the slide show to finish.

Whatever will I do with myself?

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