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Chicky Turns 18!

My oh my, but it’s a big day in the AuburnChick home.

Today, January 22, is Chicky’s 18th birthday!

Last night, we waited for her to go to bed.  We gave ourselves an extra 30 minutes to ensure she was deep in sleep, and then we let loose with the streamers and balloons.

This is the hallway to Chicky’s bedroom.  We wanted her to feel special from the moment she got up.

The next picture is the view as you enter the kitchen from the hallway.  My house is a disaster right now, but you get the point.  Banners and streamers everywhere!

Even the coffee pot (shown in the picture below) didn’t escape attention!

The den and dining room also feel victim to the decorations…

I finally crawled into bed around 1am.  I couldn’t wait for Chicky to wake up.  It reminded me of her very first Christmas…the anticipation kept me psyched up.

I heard Chicky get up and walk in the kitchen (to get her cell phone, don’t ya know), and she exclaimed, “Think you put up enough streamers?!”


She was happy, I could tell.

That pleased me because this is HER day.

We decided to do presents in the morning because Chicky has a game tonight.  She opened cards from family first, and she happily discovered a check in each one.  Every teen loves money!

Then, Rooster gave her his gift…

It’s an insulated travel coffee mug!  With her recent foray into this coffee thing, she needed her own cup (she’s been using the Mr.’s), and she needed one that would keep the coffee warm.  Rooster also later gave her his Best Buy gift card…the one he had received for Christmas.  It still has about $8 left on it, and he wanted her to use it for her birthday.  Is that sweet or what?!

Next, Chicky opened the gift from the Mr. and me…

It’s a Visa gift card, and we explained that we want her to buy a Pea Coat or a certain dress she’s had her eye on.

Her eyes gleamed as she told us what she wanted to buy, which she could now afford if she put all of her birthday money together.

I got dressed, and we headed out to spend her $$…

She got herself a 32gb iPod Touch!  You should have seen the look on her face as she opened it up.  As one who loves technology, I have to say that it’s PURTY (as in pretty, but Southern-style, you know).

Next, we decided to go to lunch.  I mean, what can be better than lunch with your Mama on your 18th birthday?  (Yeah, I know that lunch with Guy Friend on your 18th birthday would probably trump the other, but humor me, okay?).

We saw cars parked in the lot in front of the new Panera that’s going up, and we thought maybe it would be open…

If you look closely, you’ll see the sign on the window that says “6 Days.”

Oy!  I do love me some Panera, and my mouth was watering.

Instead, we decided to head to a local eatery that is popular with the high schoolers.  This place serves up sandwiches and other lunch fair.  I’d never been there, so Chicky suggested what to order.

Oh my gosh, but it was delicious!  For $6, I got 1/2 sandwich, a side (black beans and rice), and a drink!  So, it was $12 for the two of us.  Not bad at all!

We chatted about every day stuff.  It was wonderful.

This has been an amazing day.  In some ways, it’s hard to believe that I’m the mom of an 18 year-old.  Yesterday, I pulled out her baby and toddler books, and as I read through them, I was astounded at the memories that flooded in.  I remember writing those words on those pages.  Could this much time have passed already?

For those of you with young children, it is so true when people tell you that time flies, and before you know it, they’ll be grown.  Some days seem to pass by slowly, especially when the children are younger and crying with croup.  But all of a sudden, you wake up and find yourself taking pictures of a daughter in a prom dress or a graduation gown, and then you think about how quickly those days actually flew by.

I’m not going to be a weepy mom.  I’m thrilled that Chicky has reached this milestone.  My #1 mantra as a parent is that I’m training my children to be independent and serve God.  Knowing that Chicky is on the cusp of spreading her wings and flying on her own makes me a teensy bit nervous, but I know that God will watch over my little Chicky as she leaves the nest.

Happy Birthday, Chicky.  You are special.  You are loved.  You were wanted and planned for and appreciated on the day you arrived.

Watching you grow and mature has been the greatest reward as your parent.  I pray that you always put God first in your life, and that you will always seek His will and trust Him through all that life may throw your way.

I love you!!



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