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Running the Gamut

Boy, have I run the gamut of experiences this week!

Monday was a day off for me. I had to take Rooster to the orthodontist.

He drove.

I prayed.

We made it there and back in one piece.

I think the car floated on air a bit, because we had just scheduled a tentative appointment for his braces to be removed. Everything depends on his next appointment, in which he’ll get one final check of his teeth and have molds made (for retainers, I imagine).

Tuesday and Wednesday, I resumed my subbing assignment for a history/psychology teacher.

I went from watching The Patriot to an A&E video on the French Revolution. What a violent group those French were, eh?

Then, in Psychology, we watched videos on Schizophrenia and criminal profiling.

Thursday, I began a two-week assignment for an English teacher. I have two Freshmen honors classes and two 11th grade AP classes.

Good stuff, people, good stuff!

In between, Chicky’s team played three games in as many days.

Um, yeah. Are you feeling exhausted after reading that list?

Oh, and how can I forget that another stressful thing happened.

One of my students got into quite a bit of trouble…serious trouble…the kind you don’t get out of.


But not only did I have all of the above going on, but I also had a wee little thing called an INTERVIEW scheduled for today.

For an 11th grade history teaching position.

At a good school.

My friend, Ms. D (the Attendance Lady) encouraged me to talk to one of the assistant principals…the one who was my supervisor when I worked at the Attendance Desk last Spring. She’s been in the system for a long time and is very knowledgeable.

She was very honest and direct, telling me that the main thing I needed to focus on was classroom management.

She told me that because I’m so small (i.e. petite), administrators need to be reassured that I can handle classrooms full of taller-than-me students. She told me to be assertive and “big.”


A light bulb went on.

I entered the interview prepped and confident.

I really liked the gal who interviewed me.

The position is at a school that is up the road…kind of in the country (which is saying a lot because I already live in Podunk, USA). But interestingly enough, I got a cozy feeling while I was there. It quickly became obvious how much the staff cares about its students. Small school=everyone knows everyone=close-knit family.

My kind of thing.

I left feeling hopeful, even though I had learned that the position involves teaching a dual-enrolled class…which requires the teacher to hold a Master’s degree…which I don’t have.


Because the position is set to start on the 25th of this month, the school was looking to hire ASAP.

I got my answer a hour later.

The gal who interviewed me was kind enough to personally call and let me know that another person had been selected. She told me she had enjoyed the interview and encouraged me to apply for a position at the school, should one become available.


What a crazy week.

My heart is broken for my student whose life has been irrevocably changed by the choices she’s made. I don’t know what else I can do but pray for her.

I’m thankful for the subbing jobs that God continues to provide. They are paying the bills, albeit barely. But still, He’s providing.

I so desperately want a classroom of my own, but I continue to trust the Lord. I know He has a plan for my life. What that involves, I’m not really sure. But, I accept it and continue to wait, doing my best, in the meantime, to make decisions that honor Him.

Running the gamut is exhausting. Thank goodness for a three-day weekend and days to sleep in!

One Response

  1. How great that you have all those subbing positions, and that you had the chance for the interview. I’m sorry you didn’t get it though. Rest up this weekend!

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