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Evolution of a Coffee Drinker

When I became a parent, I never imagined the fun I would have watching my children develop new skills and interests.  One of neatest things that I have observed is my children tasting something that is absolutely divine.  BTW, this has never happened during one of my dinners.

I remember the first time my children tasted Shirley Temples.  Chicky’s eyes lit up (I mean this quite literally as if a lamp had just been turned on), and I’m telling you…I think I heard angels singing because of the look of surprise and joy that reflected from her face.

I saw this same look when she tried a Godiva Caramel Chocolixer.  It was a new, non-coffee drink experience for both of us, and I’m absolutely positive that my face reflected her’s.

Some tastes, however, are acquired.  Some, I’ve completely rebelled against.

One such thing is coffee.

I’m 39 years old, and to this day, I cannot stand coffee.  I don’t like the taste of it, but I really cannot stand the smell of it.

Ugh, but sometimes walking into a Starbucks is torture.  I know that the drink I’m getting is going to be good, but I simply don’t understand why I have to be subjected to a smell I abhor in order to obtain it.  It’s like walking to a restaurant’s bar to pick up a take-out order.  You walk through the smoky haze that usually surrounds that part of the eatery to pick up your dinner, but you leave with that stank on you.


I think I developed my disgust of all coffee items while I was in elementary school.  We had to sit around those itsy bitsy tables, with the teacher joining us as we performed whatever lessons she had planned for us.

For some reason, my teacher ALWAYS sat beside me, coffee cup right beside her.

And then she would inevitably look down and say, “AuburnChick, what do you think about so-and-so,” and while asking this question breathe her repugnant, sour coffee breath into my sweet little face.


I can still remember that smell as if it was yesterday.

Anyhoo…I digress…sort of.

For years, I never spoke of this thing to my children.  However, I remember standing up straight with a bit of pride when Chicky, around the age of 10, announced, while we passed a coffee stand in the mall, “Ewww…what is that terrible smell?”

It was coffee, and she, like me, decided that she wanted no part of something that smelled as yucky as that.

Well, things change, and people mature.

Over the last few years, Chicky has tried, with all of her might, to develop a taste for this so that she could be cool and carry around a Coco Latte or something fancy like that.

Inevitably, the drinks have not pleased her taste buds, and she’s reverted to plain old chocolate concoctions (the best choice, in my not-so-humble opinion).

Anyhoo…I’m getting way off track again…

I don’t know if I mentioned that when we got home from Christmas, the Mr. decided that since I wasn’t turning on the heat (I’m a miser, and I’m not ashamed to admit it), he needed something to warm up his innards, so he bought himself a coffee maker…

His mother, Coupon Queen, was on the phone with me when I walked into the house to find this mess of a disaster on the kitchen table and a horrible smell in my house…COFFEE.

Not only did my house stink, but he had left a mess.  I was fit to be tied.

Up to this point, we had never owned a coffee maker.  It was a fact I was proud of.


Well, to make matters worse, Guy Friend (home for Christmas) and the Mr. began experimenting with the coffee…tweaking it just so to get it tasting just so.


All of this coffee drinking made Chicky want to try again.

After Guy Friend suggested that she might like a French Vanilla Latte, she tried one from Starbucks over New Year’s weekend and loved it.


I found this creamer at Walmart and decided to see if Chicky would like it in her homemade coffee…

So, the other morning, I heard her get up and begin making coffee.

I got up and went to shower and get ready for my day.  When I emerged, I asked how her coffee was.  She declared that after a packet of the creamer, more sugar, and some milk, it was good.


Another coffee drinker in my house.

You know what that means…

More stinky smell.

I don’t know if my nostrils will ever recover.

7 Responses

  1. I don’t drink coffee much anymore (I do tea in the mornings instead for a few years now) but I still enjoy it occasionally and love the smell.

    Almost the opposite of you though…I was in Catholic school up until 5th grade and I remember one year for Lent I gave up coffee! Crazy, right? Even more crazy is why the heck were my parents letting me drink coffee at that age?

  2. haha! When I was little, my mom always drank coffee with cream and I said her breath smelled like sheep! Now look where I am~I drink mine black usually. Really good coffee smells good though-not burnt or dirty. 😉

  3. I love the smell of coffee, but hate the taste, so I am not a coffee drinker. Sure hope you can get used to the smell 🙂 I don’t think your hubby and chicky will give up their coffee now…..

    • Well, with Chicky going to college next fall, there won’t be so many people in the house drinking the stuff! I doubt I’ll ever get used to it though. Pooey.

  4. Funny! The very smell you hated about your teacher – I loved. 🙂 I love the smell of good coffee and the taste too.

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