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Funeral Dirge for a Crock Pot

Today was a sad day in the AuburnChick home.

I pulled out my crock pot to make this recipe.

After mixing two bottles of beer with 28oz of ketchup, I lifted the porcelain insert and prepared to carry it to the outer, metal heating element.

To my dismay, I heard a loud pop and watched as ketchup decorated my counter and floor.

What in the world?

Taking a closer look, I saw this…

The bowl looks intact until you view it from this angle…

The bottom fell out…neat as can be (minus the ketchup mixture).

Ever the dedicated blogger, I called out to Rooster, begging him to grab the camera.

Then, I called out to the Mr.  He took one look at the mess and said, “Never did we have stuff like this happen to us until you started blogging.  Time for you to stop.”

Um, not on your life.


Clean-up was no fun, but I figured out that I could open the dishwasher, fit a bowl under the cabinet edge, and scrape the ketchup into the bowl…

As I put the pot into the trash, I sang a funeral dirge…

Dum, dum, da dum, dum, da dum, da dum, da dum.

Mr. Crock Pot, I first met you when you first made an appearance…either at my wedding or my first Christmas as a married woman.

You served many purposes over the years…

  • Meal preparer
  • Baby bottle warmer-upper
  • Hot compress preparer (when Chicky had a staph infection and needed sterile compresses round-the-clock)

People tried to tell me I needed to replace you as you were an antique, but I stuck to my guns in my determination to keep you to the end.  Considering that I am addicted to technology, this is saying a lot!

Replacing you will be difficult as the bar has been set high.

I told the Mr. that I would ask for another one for my birthday, but he said that he will buy me one sooner as I have come to rely heavily on my cooking friend.  In his words, “I’m sure we can find something inexpensive.”

To which I replied, “Well, actually I’d like one with a timer…all the bells and whistles.”

To which he rolled his eyes and smiled.  We have, after all, been married a long time.  He knows me well.  I’ll wear out favorite items, but when it’s time to throw them out, I’m definitely going to get the latest and greatest.

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