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Writing Thank You Notes

Technology is wonderful, I’ll admit.  These days, we have email, skype, and even video conferencing via game consoles!

However, it is my opinion that by gaining the ability to communicate instantly with the masses, we’ve lost the art of connecting at a more personal level.  As a result, some traditions have lost their importance and are thought of as “quaint.”

One of these is the act of writing notes.

I began penning notes during my senior year of high school when graduation gifts began arriving in the mail.  It was the only way I had of personally thanking those whose generosity had touched my life.

I spent many evenings before my wedding dutifully, yet joyfully, writing notes.  The Mr. finished this task after we got home from our honeymoon…while I was at work.

After Chicky was born, we continued this tradition, allowing her to “sign” each card with her crayon-laden fingers.  Rooster joined her after his birth.

Every year, after birthdays, Christmas visits, and other unexpected treats, we have all written notes.

I’ve heard from some people that it’s not necessary to write a note if you’ve thanked the person face-to-face; however, I think it is important to hand-write our words of gratitude.  It’s been a good way to reflect on the gift giver and the memories we recently created with them.

And so, the tradition will continue.

You can be sure that Chicky will be sent to college with a collection of personal stationary, a book of stamps, and an address book.

It’s one small gesture that stands out in a world of impersonal, electronic how-do-you-do’s.

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