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A Thoughtful Friend

When I walked out my front door this morning, I discovered a package.

Hmmm…I wondered what it was since it was addressed to me.

Was this another free item I had signed up for on the internet?

I had no idea.

When I opened it, I saw this…

I checked the packing slip, unsure if I had accidentally ordered something.

That’s when I discovered the note enclosed…

Oh my!  It appeared as if I had a Secret Santa!

As I tore open the wrapping, I racked my brain…trying to figure out who had sent the package.  Beneath the packaging was this…

Oh my, oh my!

Whoever it was knew that I love chocolate!

The only people I know in California are my knitting friends.  I mused about this as I opened the box…

Oh my, oh my, oh my.

About the time I popped a piece of heaven into my mouth, I was alerted to a Facebook update.

Susan, one of my internet/knitting friends welcomed me home and asked if I had found a package.

Woo Hoo!  Mystery solved.

I wasn’t surprised to find out she was the generous gifter.

I met Susan on KnittingHelp.com.  One day, she found out I had never seen Malabrigo, and she insisted on sending me a skein.  She actually sent two, I think.  I was shocked that one person would send another person such a lovely gift…simply because that person had not had the pleasure of experiencing the joy of owning a particular item (should have told her I’d never driven a convertible!).  heehee

Coincidentally, when I read Susan’s blog today, I discovered just how generous she can be.  Hop on over there and give it a read.  It will touch your heart.

This is a gal who has been through a lot in the last couple of years.  That she can be so thoughtful is both inspiring and humbling.

Thanks, Susan, for making my day.  Huge hugs to you, my Friend.

One Response

  1. I didn’t realize I forgot to sign my name! I guess I thought it would be automatically included in the packaging slip. I was sending Christmas presents and realized that you probably never had See’s Candy since they’re not sold on the other side of the country (yet…) They’re my favorite, especially the nuts & chews box. Enjoy! 🙂

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