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Hot Chocolate Day!

In one of my previous posts, you saw the Mr. Coffee Hot Chocolate Maker I received for Christmas.

Today I finally had a chance to run to the store and buy milk, so that meant that today was HOT CHOCOLATE DAY!

First, I unpacked my new gadget…

The ingredients were few…

4 tbsp cocoa mix and 16oz of milk

If you choose to make the hot chocolate using water, you have to increase the amount of cocoa.  One item I did not have was chocolate syrup.  I will watch for it to go on sale and indulge myself.

I added the ingredients and plugged in the appliance, watching as it began to whip everything together…

I could smell the delicious aroma of hot chocolate as it heated up.  It was ready in under ten minutes.  I love the auto-shutoff feature!

The most important test?



The hot chocolate was frothy and had a creamy texture.   YUM!!!

For fun, I shot a little bit of video…just so you could see the live action…

Betcha want one of these now, eh?

A Thoughtful Friend

When I walked out my front door this morning, I discovered a package.

Hmmm…I wondered what it was since it was addressed to me.

Was this another free item I had signed up for on the internet?

I had no idea.

When I opened it, I saw this…

I checked the packing slip, unsure if I had accidentally ordered something.

That’s when I discovered the note enclosed…

Oh my!  It appeared as if I had a Secret Santa!

As I tore open the wrapping, I racked my brain…trying to figure out who had sent the package.  Beneath the packaging was this…

Oh my, oh my!

Whoever it was knew that I love chocolate!

The only people I know in California are my knitting friends.  I mused about this as I opened the box…

Oh my, oh my, oh my.

About the time I popped a piece of heaven into my mouth, I was alerted to a Facebook update.

Susan, one of my internet/knitting friends welcomed me home and asked if I had found a package.

Woo Hoo!  Mystery solved.

I wasn’t surprised to find out she was the generous gifter.

I met Susan on KnittingHelp.com.  One day, she found out I had never seen Malabrigo, and she insisted on sending me a skein.  She actually sent two, I think.  I was shocked that one person would send another person such a lovely gift…simply because that person had not had the pleasure of experiencing the joy of owning a particular item (should have told her I’d never driven a convertible!).  heehee

Coincidentally, when I read Susan’s blog today, I discovered just how generous she can be.  Hop on over there and give it a read.  It will touch your heart.

This is a gal who has been through a lot in the last couple of years.  That she can be so thoughtful is both inspiring and humbling.

Thanks, Susan, for making my day.  Huge hugs to you, my Friend.

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