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It’s How You Play the Game

This past weekend, I had to drive across the state so Chicky could have a pre-tournament soccer practice with her travel team.

Fortunately, we got home in plenty of time for me to settle in front of the TV to watch the Survivor finale.

The three finalists were (left to right) Mick, Natalie, and Russell.

Mick is a doctor.  Natalie had given up a lucrative job to be on the show, and Russell is a self-made millionaire in the oil business.

Everyone, including myself, expected Russell to win.  He had been a fierce competitor.

I’ve gotta tell you that although I expected his name to be read out, I was hoping it wouldn’t.

Russell was mean.  He lied, called people names, and stirred up trouble.  He showed he cared only for himself…especially when he emptied the water from other players’ canteens and burned socks.

Now, maybe I see the world through rose-colored glasses, but it is my opinion that people who go through life (or a game) this way do not deserve to win.  Heck, there’s already a disparity in this world as it is.

I waited on the edge of my sofa…eager for the results.

Each vote was read…

One vote for Natalie; one vote for Russell; one for Natalie, and one for Russell.  And Jeff kept reading the votes until declaring the winner…



But, the story doesn’t end here.

After announcing the winner, CBS had a Reunion Show.

Boy, oh boy, you should have seen Russell’s face.  He was in shock, and he sat with tears in his eyes.

His mood looks somber even after the live show at the cast party.

Really?  You’re gonna cry about this?  I couldn’t help but think that he’s already a millionaire.  Why cry?

My question was answered a few minutes later when he offered Natalie $10,000 if she would allow Jeff (the host) to declare him “Sole Survivor.”


You’ve got to be kidding me.

Was it really that important that Russell be given this title?  Did his ego need it this badly that he was willing to pay out of his own pocket for it?

I was appalled.

Russell is obviously a very intelligent man.  Anyone who can start his own business and make a profit these days is one sharp cookie.

He’s also been blessed with a lovely wife and two young daughters.

So, the question begs to be asked – why would he need validation of this sort?

In the end, I’ll never know.  All I can say is that I feel sorry for him.

It is obvious that something much deeper is missing from his life.

I think he’s lost.

He needs to seek out another title for himself…

Follower of Christ

Oh, being a child of God doesn’t mean that we don’t desire earthly things.  However, God calls us to live lives focused on Him.  We are instructed not to seek earthly titles.  Besides that, if we are walking close to God, we recognize that we don’t need anything except God’s grace.

That is worth far more than any money payout on any “reality” show.

Oh, and as far as Natalie?

She came across as a genteel, Southern belle.  She thrived in the wilderness (more power to her), learned to do for herself, and didn’t seem like a hateful, stab-you-in-the-back kind of person.  I’d like to think that I would play a similar kind of game.

So Natalie, YOU GO GIRL!!

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