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A Gift From Francis

First off, I am so sorry I’ve been neglecting the blog the last few weeks.  High school soccer season has been in full swing with the girls playing up to three games a week.  With my long-term subbing job, I haven’t had a whole lot of spare time…

Last night's game...lovely weather conditions, eh?

Thank goodness for shoe dryers (we have two)!

Anyhoo…back to the real topic of this post…gifts!

You’ll recall that a couple of days ago, I blogged about the Shetland Shorty I made for one of my students.

I took the gift to school, eager to see her reaction.  I went to the library, where we had originally planned to meet up, but she wasn’t there!  Oy!  I waited a few minutes before heading to my class.  I thought she had forgotten.

She hadn’t.  She was running late.

About ten minutes into my first class, who showed up at the door?


I had her have a seat while I got my students started on their work.

And then the gifting began.

As she pulled out the gifts I had wrapped in tissue paper, I grew nervous.

She saw the Bible first, and she read the note I had written inside.

I got a hug.

Then she unwrapped the shrug.

Her mouth opened in a surprised “O.”

She recounted the time she had seen me wear mine…the exact memory I had of that encounter.

She seemed touched that I had gone through the trouble to make one for her.  It was no trouble at all, I assured her.

Then it was my turn to open my present.

It was small, wrapped in ribbon, and taped heavily.

Once I broke through, I discovered this…


You guys know, from reading about my travels, that I do like beaded bling!!  Woo Hoo!  And bling in which all of the pieces have been hand-picked and put together by an 18 year old…oh, but my heart sang!

We both hugged, and she told me she loved me.  Gosh, but my heart just swelled with joy.  I love this girl as well.

I am still so surprised every time I make such connections with kids.  This is my favorite thing about teaching…being touched by other lives and discovering that I’ve touched theirs’ as well.

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