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It’s Official

Chicky got some mail yesterday…

Very important mail…

A package…

Inside was…


Ta Da!!

In the spring, I had shared pictures of our visit to the school.

We knew we were home when the first thing we saw when we got on campus was the soccer field!!!

The Rollins soccer coaches had been watching Chicky play for several months and were very impressed.

We were pleased with their program and the college’s academic curriculum and student environment.  The school’s small campus will be perfect for a small-town girl…

Chicky made a verbal commitment.

Then began the long process of applying for early admission.

Rollins is one of the top schools in the Southeast.  It’s also a small college.  They can afford to be choosy.

It can be nerve-wracking to sit and wait for that letter…especially when it’s something you want so desperately.

And that’s when the mailman brought my second favorite thing (my favorite being yarn, of course).

To celebrate, Chicky ate on the Red Plate tonight.

I’ll write on the back of it tomorrow…noting the special-ness of today.

It’s kind of strange to think, but by this time next year, Chicky will be coming home from her first semester away.

Time is gonna fly…I just know it.

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