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I Think I’ll Pay Next Time

We’ll subtitle today’s post “Soccer Chick Makes Another Attempt at Being a Hairdresser.”

Yesterday, Chicky welded scissors, treating Your’s Truly to a much-needed trim haircut.

She did warn me, however, that she probably didn’t cut it evenly, so she agreed to straighten my hair after church.  We figured that any mistakes would show up better…and boy did they!

First, the before picture, since some of you wanted to see how my hair looked after the cut…

My hair is a lot curlier than the picture shows.  I had just dried it to prepare it for the straightener.  Rooster’s response when he walked into the living room and saw my hair like this?

“Whoa!  That’s some big hair.”

Gee, thanks honey.  Way to make a mama feel good about herself.  I love you too, by the way.

But, I digress…

Chicky got to work, finishing a couple of layers before exclaiming loudly, “Oh my…”

Uh oh.

“Is it bad?” I asked.

She didn’t say anything, so I grabbed a small mirror…

You don’t need glasses to see a couple of problems near the bottom of my hair.

Most glaring was the huge chunk near the middle.  It was about an inch shorter than the rest.

Looking at the right side of my hair, you’ll notice that it’s longer than the left side.

Now, let me ask you a question.

How would you have reacted?

Would you have cried or yelled?

I am not your typical gal.

I laughed…

And laughed…

And laughed.

I saw Chicky’s face relax, and her eyes got a sparkle in them.

I instructed her to run get my camera.  I’m always thinking about my blog, you know.

She finished straightening my hair and then began the process of evening things out.

This was when I started holding my breath.

I tried to remind my self of my prenatal classes, when I learned to breath through the painful process.

Every whomp (that’s what thick hair sounds like when you cut it) made my heart sink.

While Chicky was cutting, one of her friends arrived at the house.  They had plans to go shopping, but Chicky had to finish what she was doing first.

The other friend, who I adore, took one look at my hair and said, “Oh my.”

Um, thanks, but that’s not exactly very reassuring.

And then I started laughing again.

The sight of two teenagers leaning over my head discussing how to “fix” it was hysterical.

The conversation went something like this:

“Chicky, what are you doing?” asked her friend.

“I’m fixing it,” Chicky responded (insert a DUH from me).

“No, you need to add texture,” her friend said.

“Does texture mean that you’re trying to hide the boo boos?” I asked.

“No,” she said, “I cut my dad’s hair all the time.  Trust me.  I know what I’m doing,” she said.

Um, okay, I think.

Back and forth they went until they were semi-happy.

The result?

Flash on (I couldnt decide which picture I liked better)

Flash on (I couldn't decide which picture I liked better)

Flash off

Flash off

Chicky did a terrific job with my hair, and she could charge big bucks by hiring herself out to straighten other people’s (just don’t cut their hair…they’ll sue).  She inherited my hair, so she has loads of experience with a Chi (that’s the brand of straightener).

In the end, I will probably go to a professionally-trained hairstylist next time.  In the meantime, I going to beg Chicky to straighten my hair for a while.  My hair is wayyyyyy big at this length, and I don’t really feel like reliving the 80’s.

4 Responses

  1. that’s awesome you laughed!!! I probably would have too… my husband, ummm… probably would have found no humor… but that’s what men with long hair do 🙂

    Your hair is like mine – totally different once straightened!!!

  2. LOL I wold have laughed as well…I tend to laugh when others would be annoyed I left my hair to my mom while one of her visits, we ended up calling around to find a hair place still open to fix my hair…my trim ended up with me having very very short hair LOL

  3. Wow! If that’s the first time she has cut your hair, Chicky did a very good job of straightening and cutting. Long thick hair is the worst to cut. I’ve had trained hairstylists make a mess of mine.

    Love your loving sense of fun.

  4. Lol! I love your reaction — I think I would’ve sobbed first, then started laughing 😉 Your hair does look very nice and shiny, though! Great job, Chicky!

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