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Mother-Son Weekend

Soccer season has officially begun.

Chicky and the Mr. left for the other side of the state for her first weekend of practice.

That left Rooster and me at home alone.

It’s actually a good combination, as our personalities mesh quite well.

This morning, he casually mentioned how we had not been to Such-and-Such Restaurant in a long time, and how we’re the only two in the family who really like it.

Gee, boy, could the hint be any more obvious?

I had to laugh.  You see, when the other two members of the family are gone, we have a couple of things we like to do together…eat at this restaurant and watch movies.

We knew that a movie would push the budget too far, so we opted for lunch out instead.

But first, I wanted to get in my workout.  After biking 5.6 miles with a minimal amount of pain and a lot of sweat, and a nice long shower, we settled in to watch the X Games.  I find it difficult to watch these sports…too many people falling down wrong on ankles and elbows.  Ouch!

We finally got around to our lunch plans.

It was so much fun!  Rooster is a cute kid (did I actually just type that?) teenager with the personality to match.  The conversation was easy, and lunch was terrific.

Then, we drove to the bookstore on the beach.

Ahhh…the smell of new books.  It’s almost as satisfying as a a Godiva Caramel Chocolixer (almost but not quite).

I had a $2 coupon that I simply could not allow to go unused.

I headed straight for the knitting books.

In my heart, I knew what I wanted, but I looked, disinterested, at some of the other books before walking away from that aisle.  In my hands?

Ahhh…Cookie A…you’ve just got to love her patterns!  I’ve made a few of the patterns available on Knitty and love how creative she is!  I’ve already googled for pattern errata and found a list here.

Rooster was ready to go by then, but when he mentioned that Brad Thor has a new book out…well, I had to take a peek.

Thor is the author of the series of books I’ve recently read my way through…with the exception of the second to the last one.  Its paperback version was a temptation that proved too much for me.

I mean…I had to find out what happened between the last book I’d read and the final one in the series.  It would be like reading the first and third Lord of the Ring books and skipping the second (were there only three?).  This one went in my hands with the knitting book…

I figured we’d better get out of the store after that.

We had a rather mellow afternoon followed by more X Games.   We watched one gal, a deaf young lady, win her Super X race (dirt bike).  It was very inspirational to see her fly through the course using her other senses and raw talent.  Wow!

Tomorrow will be a day of church, NASCAR, and knitting…maybe even a little napping.

Boy, do I love these Mother-Son Weekends!

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  1. What a perfect day for the two of you!

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