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Pele Gets a Shave

Thanks too all of you who wished a speedy recovery for my cut fingers.  As you can see, they are healing quite nicely thanks to some fancy new band aids that have the antibacterial ointment built in…

Poor Pele though.  He still had that horrible sticky area, and I was determined to get it off!  This time, I was not about to use scissors!  He may be 80 pounds, but he’s every bit a baby and prone to throw hissy fits.

Chicky and I took him to our smaller bathroom where Chicky squatted down and spoke calming words in his ear.  I grabbed Rooster’s hair clippers and shaved Pele’s rear.

I have no idea what he sat in, but it did a number on his skin…

It took a while, and he was one happy camper when we let him go.  The only time he looked at me was when I sat his food bowl down.

Although all wasn’t forgiven (he’s been eyeing me warily for the last two day), he did take the peace offering I handed out later…a nice big bone.

One Response

  1. Glad to hear of the rapprochement, and that you are both healing nicely. 🙂

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