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  • “Writing, to me, is simply thinking through my fingers” — Isaac Asimov

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Pele Gets a Shave

Thanks too all of you who wished a speedy recovery for my cut fingers.  As you can see, they are healing quite nicely thanks to some fancy new band aids that have the antibacterial ointment built in…

Poor Pele though.  He still had that horrible sticky area, and I was determined to get it off!  This time, I was not about to use scissors!  He may be 80 pounds, but he’s every bit a baby and prone to throw hissy fits.

Chicky and I took him to our smaller bathroom where Chicky squatted down and spoke calming words in his ear.  I grabbed Rooster’s hair clippers and shaved Pele’s rear.

I have no idea what he sat in, but it did a number on his skin…

It took a while, and he was one happy camper when we let him go.  The only time he looked at me was when I sat his food bowl down.

Although all wasn’t forgiven (he’s been eyeing me warily for the last two day), he did take the peace offering I handed out later…a nice big bone.

A Cooking Hit and Miss

Hold on to your hats, people.  I’m getting adventurous lately…venturing into the land of muffins!

Oh boy…AuburnChick has gone off the deep end this time, eh?

Actually, I’m having a bit of fun…trying new recipes.  Some are hits, but most are misses.

I don’t know why, but last week, I decided that I just had to make muffins.  A quick search on Google led me to this site.

Muffin Heaven!

I decided to try the Cinnamon Muffin recipe, and Oh My Goodness!  What a mouth-watering treat!  The cinnamon/sugar topping sealed the deal.  This recipe is a WINNER!

I know they don’t look very pretty, and they are kind of small.  Chalk that up to me not filling up the cups all the way.  They were more like muffin bites, easily fitting into Rooster’s mouth with one pass.

With this success under my belt, I thought I would try another recipe that I had seen…Apple Muffins!

Now, to illustrate how little cooking knowledge I have, I had to google how to cook apples.  I opted on boiling them until they were soft.  My house started smelling sooooo good…almost like apple pie.

I proceeded to mash up the apple and mix the rest of the ingredients.

Because the Mr. and I are lactose-intolerant, I thought it would be a smart idea to replace the required milk with some of the water I had cooked the apples in.

Such a smart girl I am, eh?

The mix was looking and smelling better with every ingredient I added.

After popping the first batch in the oven and setting the timer for 20 minutes, I started cleaning up.

That’s when I discovered that I had made a grave error.

In my haste to grab the apple water, I had, in fact, grabbed the pot of  oil I had used to cook french fries for dinner.




I debated what to do.  Do I tell Chicky, who was eagerly awaiting those muffins?  Do I wait and see if she notices a funny taste?

I started giggling at my secret.  That I could make such a stupid mistake was funny.  She was engrossed in Facebook and paid me little attention.

I wondered how I could make this kind of mistake.  I remembered thinking that the “water” was awfully thick and chalked it up to the natural sugar in the apples turning into a syrup.

Well, I decided to let bygones be bygones and kept those babies in the oven and not say a word to Chicky.

After the buzzer went off, I checked on them.

Hmmm…they weren’t rising much.  They were light-blond.  I decided they needed more cooking time and set the timer for another ten minutes, when I repeated the process.

Hmmm…I figured I’d set the timer for another ten minutes.  Chicky started looking over my shoulder at this point, wondering why it was taking so long for them to cook.

The muffins still hadn’t risen after the second ten minutes, but the tops were starting to turn golden brown.  I didn’t want them to burn, so I pulled them out and scooped one onto a plate to let it cool off.

I cautiously took a bite, Chicky looking on in keen interest.

I rolled the bite around on my tongue.

At first, I tasted the apple.

Whew!  No harm done.

I tried to get Chicky to take a bite, but she had been sick all day and didn’t have much of an appetite (not that these looked very appetizing).  She declined.

And that’s when it hit me.

The french fry taste.

I was, in fact, eating french fried apple muffins.

Not only was the taste strange, but the muffins were not light and fluffy.  They were heavy…like bricks.

I started laughing, and Chicky eyed me warily.

“Mama, what did you do?” she asked.

She knows me too well.  I cannot hide anything without my face telling on me.

I filled her in on what had happened.

To say she was angry would be an understatement.  That I had tried to get her to eat a bite ruffled her feathers.

I can’t blame her.  I had wanted an unbiased opinion, and she failed to take the bait.

Smart girl.

Back to the drawing board.  I still want to make apple muffins and will be on the hunt for a fool-proof recipe.

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