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A New Tool for AuburnChick

Feast your eyes on this picture:

A couple of days ago, I purchased a new set of clippers (1 5/8″) and a set of garden gloves.

Rooster periodically uses my gloves when he mows the grass, but he ALWAYS loses them!  As you know, I’ve worked in the yard every day since the kids left for camp, but I’ve only been able to find one of my gloves.  So, being the improviser that I am, I made do by donning one of my old, fingerless work out gloves.  It looks strange, but it’s worked.  Hence, I was due for a new pair, which I plan to hide from the boy.

I was most excited about the clippers.  For years, I have only owned a pair of small clippers suitable for tiny shrubs.  I’ve made do, though.  However, we have some serious tree branch issues, so I easily justified the purchase of a larger pair.

On Thursday, I went to work.

The first cut I made with the clippers was, shall we say, AMAZING!  Did you ever watch Tim Allen in Home Improvement?  Do you remember his caveman Ar, Ar, Ar whenever he bought a new power tool?

That’s exactly how I felt.

Ar, Ar, Ar

Cut, cut, cut

“Clippers,” I wanted to say, “Where have you been all of my life?”

Ok.  I’m weird.  I’m addicted to gadgets, and I’m not embarrassed to admit it.

After two hours, I had accumulated the following pile of debris…

I ran out of room on my half of the pile (the right side), so I started stacking branches on my neighbor’s pile.  You can see where her pile ends…the brown stuff…and mine begins…the green leaves.

Although I still had two trees to trim, I had to stop because I simply ran out of room for my debris.

I decided to clean up the flower bed I had not gotten to the day before.  It still had piles of dead leaves and pine needles from the winter.

And the fruits of my labor?  Check them out for yourself…

We want to evetually remove this tree...its placement (not our decision) was a huge mistake because it blocks our front window.

We want to evetually remove this tree...its placement (not our decision) was a huge mistake because it blocks our front window.

Thinned out shrubs make for a much cleaner look.

Thinned out shrubs make for a much cleaner look.

Can you see my sunflowers in the long pot on the window sill?

Can you see my sunflowers in the long pot on the window sill?

I don’t know if you noticed, but there’s an empty area in the right corner.  There used to be a tree (term used loosely)…

The Mr. and I never liked it.  It’s really quite ugly and prone to vegetation sicknesses.  So, I finally got out the shovel and dug that baby out…without the Mr.’s assistance.  The last time he tried to remove a tree, he pulled something in his back.  I’m sure you remember my post about that incident.

It felt soooo good to get the tree out of there, although it left a huge hole…

As you can see in the picture below, the roots are quite large for a “tree” of that size!  I dread getting out the other tree!

The back yard is screaming for attention now.  We’ll see…we’ll see…

Thursday’s “Done” List

This is making for some exciting reading, eh?

Thursday’s List

  • 45-minute power-walk with Pele
  • Spent two hours trimming trees with new clippers and cleaning out second flower bed…the yard waste people are gonna hate me
  • Went to Target (my favorite place, in case you haven’t noticed) for ankle high socks, new sheets for Rooster’s bed, a bathmat for the kids’ bathroom.  Found kitchen towels on clearance, so I picked up a set of two.  Also bought Ghirardelli Chocolate Squares (with caramel filling).
  • Put away clean dishes that I washed the day before
  • Washed and hung a load of laundry
  • Listened to Revive Our Hearts – Nancy finished her series on Joshua – I HIGHLY recommend it!!
  • Folded and put away clean clothes from two days ago
  • Put new sheets on Rooster’s bed – hope he likes them!  They are dark blue.
  • Cooked Easy Beef Burgundy for the Crock Pot
  • Wound up making chicken salad because we didn’t have egg noodles or white rice to serve with the beef burgundy
  • Scooped poop – two times
  • Fed dogs twice
  • Texted the kids in the hope that I would hear a word back.  Rooster finally responded.  Chicky’s been doing it on her own all week.  Brownie points for her.
  • Tried to pay a bill only to discover that my unemployment checks haven’t been coming.  So, I tried to call unemployment.  Endless busy signal.
  • Studied for English 6-12 exam – I will be taking the test on June 30th
  • Watched So You Think You Can Dance – just love the creativity and talent of those kids!
  • Watched two more episodes of Heroes
  • Read a few chapters of Blowback
  • Read and meditated on Joshua 24

It was a physically and mentally exhausting day.

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