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A Dirty Job

Yard work is a dirty job…plain and simple.


I only wish those were tan lines, but alas, they point to the areas of my body that were covered during the three hours I spent out in the yard on Wednesday.

Actually, truth be told, there was also dirt from the evening before (Tuesday)…when I spent three hours mowing, edging, and weed eating.  I knew I was going to power-walk the next morning, and I knew I’d also be working outside again.  I figured why bother getting cleaned up?  I was only going to get dirty again.

Nasty, I know, but when you’re spending so much time in the sun, you tend to fry a few brain cells.

Now, I don’t know why, but the sight of a neighbor’s pile of yard debris brings out my competitive side.





By the time I finished trimming shrubs and cleaning out a flower bed, I had achieved my goal (my pile is on the left)…

Boy, did my body pay the price for the work I did.  I was sore and tired…probably due to the heat and the physical exersion.

Thank goodness for cool showers.

Once the dirt was off, I could see that the time I’m spending in the sun is leaving me with a nice little tan…

Just wait until tomorrow’s post…when I upload a picture of the yard pile after today’s work.

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