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  • “Writing, to me, is simply thinking through my fingers” — Isaac Asimov

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A Dirty Job

Yard work is a dirty job…plain and simple.


I only wish those were tan lines, but alas, they point to the areas of my body that were covered during the three hours I spent out in the yard on Wednesday.

Actually, truth be told, there was also dirt from the evening before (Tuesday)…when I spent three hours mowing, edging, and weed eating.  I knew I was going to power-walk the next morning, and I knew I’d also be working outside again.  I figured why bother getting cleaned up?  I was only going to get dirty again.

Nasty, I know, but when you’re spending so much time in the sun, you tend to fry a few brain cells.

Now, I don’t know why, but the sight of a neighbor’s pile of yard debris brings out my competitive side.





By the time I finished trimming shrubs and cleaning out a flower bed, I had achieved my goal (my pile is on the left)…

Boy, did my body pay the price for the work I did.  I was sore and tired…probably due to the heat and the physical exersion.

Thank goodness for cool showers.

Once the dirt was off, I could see that the time I’m spending in the sun is leaving me with a nice little tan…

Just wait until tomorrow’s post…when I upload a picture of the yard pile after today’s work.

Wednesday’s “Done” List

Oh boy…Wednesday, I hit the ground running…errr power-walking.  I didn’t stop until late, late afternoon:

Wednesday’s List

  • Fed the dogs
  • Cleaned and refilled the dogs’ inside water bowl
  • Took Molly on a 50-minute power-walk (the new shoes were FANTASTIC!)
  • Worked in the yard for three hours trimming the shrubs and cleaning out old leaves and pine needles from one of the front flower beds
  • Showered (whew!)
  • Ran to Target for no-show socks (for new sneakers), a new tree branch clipper, and garden gloves – “someone” lost one of my other gloves, so I had resorted to using an old weightlifting glove
  • Made chicken and yellow rice for dinner
  • Removed dry clothes from the line
  • Dumped old food from the refrigerator
  • Washed dishes
  • Watered plants
  • Listened to Revive Our Hearts
  • Watched So You Think You Can Dance
  • Watched two episodes of Heroes
  • Read and meditated on Psalm 16
  • Read some of my book

Have you noticed that knitting has not been on the list the last two days?  Well, that’s because my body has been too tired!  My hands are sore, and the only thing I’ve felt like doing is vegging.

Tomorrow, you’ll get to see what I was up to today (did that make sense??).

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