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Tuesday’s “Done” List

Continuing the theme from yesterday…

Tuesday’s List

  • Fed dogs twice (morning and evening)
  • Went to Sam’s for dog food and bones (a big thanks to the man who lifted the 50# bag in the car for me)
  • Bought new running shoes at Sports Authority
  • Ran to Target for laundry detergent and SOS Pads (Rooster, you can thank me for this one)
  • Dusted the main part of the house
  • Scooped poop
  • Mowed the front and back yards
  • Edged
  • Used the weed eater to finish things off
  • Watered my plants (thus ending three hours of working on the yard)
  • Cleaned bird poop from the mail box
  • Cleaned the mower
  • Dismantled the rusted pitch back and put the pieces in the garbage
  • Rolled the garbage can by the curb
  • Swept the porch
  • Listened to Revive Our Hearts
  • Listened to Knitting Rose (I’m now caught up on her podcasts)
  • Studied for English certification exam
  • Meditated on 1 Corinthians 1:18
  • Read some of my book before turning out the light

In the process of dusting, I discovered that we have a lot of movies…

I’m anal.  I took every movie off and dusted the shelves completely.  I even dusted the movies themselves before putting them back on the stands.  Now, they are organized alphabetically.  Movie and TV series are grouped separately.  There shouldn’t be any complaining when we can’t find what we want.  Chances are that the kids have them hidden away in their closets…

So, although the day started off slowly, I still managed to get quite a few tasks completed.

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