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Today was interesting.

Don’t give me that look.  I know, I know…most of my days could be classified as “interesting.”  Nothing ever runs on an even keel here.

What was so different about today?

Well, Rooster had an eye exam.

Big whoop-dee-doo, eh?

Oh yeah.

As you might remember, he got his drivers’ permit on Monday.  One of the things he had to do prior to getting the card was pass a vision test.  It was during this test that we discovered that his right eye wasn’t up to par with the left.  In fact, he had quite a bit of trouble reading past the second line of the chart.

In the middle of trying to read the letters, he looked over and said, “Mama, don’t you remember the time when I was in 6th grade and ran into the other kid while playing football during PE?  I told you my eye was blurry.”


Now that he mentioned it, I did remember.  I also remember telling him that his brain had probably gotten rattled, and things would clear up.

I should have known, by looking at the other kid’s broken tooth, that the collision had been much harder than Rooster made it out to be.  The appearance of a dark bruise on Rooster’s brow was also dismissed as being anything serious that I needed to worry about.

Yeah, I know.  Not good.

I was surprised when the lady at the DMV still allowed him to get his permit.  Without going to a doctor first.  Kind of makes you wonder about the people behind the wheels of other cars, eh?

I’d like to think that as the kids get older, we get better as parents; hence, my immediate action this time.  I quickly got him in to see an eye doctor.

Rooster was mad.  He didn’t think he really needed to go, and he especially didn’t want to because he and Chicky have been busy at church.  They will be attending a church camp next week and, as leaders, are helping with the preparations…video production, creation of curriculum materials, etc.  He didn’t want to miss out.

I told him his eyesight was more important…end of argument.

We showed up 20 minutes early only to have to wait one hour before being called back.  I nearly showed my ugly side by walking out.  That place is more like an assembly line than a professional office.  I know because Chicky has been a frequent visitor since she is near-sighted.

You go in, you get called back under the false pretense that it’s your turn to see the doctor.  They put drops in your eyes, and you return back to the sheep’s pen to let your eyes dilate.  Eons later, you get called again to read a chart for a nurse and then wait eons more for the doctor to come in.

You literally have to set aside half a day to visit this office.

Hence my aggravation and their good fortune that they called us in when they did.

The nurse was awesome, making me feel comfortable with her knowledge and concern for Rooster.  Score one for the office.

She had him read the chart with his right eye covered.  No problem.  He could read the bottom line.

When he covered his left eye, I knew we were in trouble.  He couldn’t even read all of the letters on the second line.

The nurse paused in confusion.

I hung my head, telling her that I am a bad mom to have waited so long to take him in.

She assured me I wasn’t, and we waited for the doctor.  He took measurements and told us that Rooster’s right eye is 20/60.  His left eye is perfect.  He also confirmed that the collision in 6th grade most likely damaged the eye.

Poor Rooster.

We were given the option of him wearing one contact or glasses.  I made the executive decision to go with the contact.  As a former contact wearer, I know that his peripheral vision will be better with the contact on…an important thing with him learning to drive.  I also know how active he is.  I don’t think a pair of glasses would make it long during a game of ultimate frisbee.

Thirty agonizing minutes later, he had mastered the art of inserting a contact lens, and we were officially released from the warehouse that poses as a doctor’s office.  We had spent a grand total of two hours in that place.  We were more than ready to leave.

Interestingly enough, he is now having to adjust to being able to see fully with that right eye.  I think the left eye is doing a happy dance as it won’t have to work so hard.

Rooster will thank me one day…maybe.

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