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Gardening, the AuburnChick Way

And before you say anything, no, I’m not so addicted to my computer that I feel the need to take it everywhere with me.

Yesterday evening, I innocently went outside to water my flowers.  However, I got distracted (go figure) by the weeds in the yard.  So, I sat down to pull a few.

Pulling weeds is a bit like eating potato chips.  You can’t stop at one.

When I realized that I would be there for a while, I decided to get the computer and listen to Revive Our Hearts.  I’m catching up on last week’s broadcasts.

I’m so glad I didn’t skip them because she’s been talking with Randy Alcorn.  He began Eternal Perspective Ministries, which focuses on the message that Christians are to be focused on our eternal home.  Everything we do should be geared toward furthering God’s Word.  He stresses that there is joy in giving…whether it is financially or in some other manner.  He challenges us to ascribe to the fact that this is not our home.  We’re here temporarily, but we should be laying up treasures in heaven.

I encourage you to listen to this broadcast from Revive Our Hearts.  My jaw literally dropped.  His personal testimony is an incredible witness to how God provides…in the most dire of circumstances.  His financial principles are Biblically-based and are quite contrary to the things the world puts emphasis on.

It was good listening and kept my thoughts off of the mundane task of pulling weeds.

Afterward, I went around watering my new plants.  They are coming along nicely.  Look at my up-and-coming sunflowers:

I’m sparing you photos of the other flower beds.  Trust me…the sunflowers are progressing along nicely there as well.

I never realized that plants like water so much!!

Maybe that’s why I’ve been so unsuccessful in my previous attempts at gardening!

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