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Another Chicklet Driver

I love my readers.

As such, I consider it my duty to offer this warning:

Rooster obtained his Learner’s Permit today.

By my calculations, you have two weeks to safely navigate your roads.

During this time, he will be undergoing rigorous training within the confines of our neighborhood.

You see, we only have stick shift cars, so it’s an AuburnChick rule that one must learn how to get out of first gear without causing whiplash before proceeding to a real street.  Our neighborhood is the perfect place to conduct this training as it is blessed with an abundance of stop signs.

If you’ve never driven a stick shift, then allow me to explain that one must put the car in first gear after coming to a complete stop.  The tricky part is coming out of first gear without popping the clutch (i.e. conking out).

I’m readying the heating pad as I’m sure I’ll need it from the bumping the car will be doing along the road.

Oh sure, it’s funny if you’re on the outside looking in, but things are quite different from the passenger seat.

So, make your lists now…get everything done that you need to do.

When you see a car with the following magnets on it…

Yes, I really did have these specially made and will sneak them on the car after hes in the drivers seat.

Yes, I really did have these specially made and will sneak them on the car after he's in the driver's seat.

Go inside your home and stay there.

Or else, you can be like Pele and just not worry…

Am I Skinny Yet?

Thirty two minutes on the treadmill… two miles and 317 burned calories later, I ask myself, “Am I skinny yet?”

The mirror begs to differ.

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