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Rooster and Mama Go To the Movies

Rooster and I were plodding through our day, each planning on getting some chores done, although I was actually doing the planning, while Rooster was doing the obeying, when we had a change of plans.

Before going out to the car to run errands, I decided to check the mail.  I found an envelope addressed to the boy and me.  Here’s what was inside:

To be fair, I had received a heads-up phone call yesterday.  Sister had told me what she was going to do, but I didn’t expect the letter to arrive the next day!  We have fast mail service!

Rooster and I jumped into action.  He ran over to the computer, while I checked my phone…a race to see who could be the first to locate movie times.

I won.

We had already discussed which movie we might want to see.  Last night, Tom Cruise was a guest on the Tonight Show.  Of course, he was there to promote his newest movie, and he did his job well.  Rooster and I were hooked.

We saw that there was showtime beginning in an hour, so we quickly got in the car and were off.  Our favorite theater is a solid 30-minutes away, so we didn’t have much time to waste.

Here’s a trailer for the movie:

Because we were there for the matinee, we had enough money left over to buy a large bag of popcorn  We added a ton of butter.  Yum!

When the movie was over, Rooster and I were quiet, as was the rest of the theater.  It was a sobering movie.  I know there are mixed reviews out there about the movie.  Good thing I’ve never been a fan of so-called “reviews.”

Rooster and I give it two thumbs up!  The cinematography is incredible.  The storyline is well-executed.  We were left sitting on the edge of our seats until the end.

Definitely a movie worth seeing!

Thanks Sister!  We thoroughly enjoyed our treat and appreciate your thoughtfulness.

2 Responses

  1. You like history too – dont you? I bet you really enjoyed it… but you probably just enjoyed hanging out with Rooster more than anything!!! Glad to see he’s back to normal…

    Happy new Year!!!

  2. I am glad the boy is better and that you enjoyed the movie. I have not been to the movies in forever (the last time I went was this summer when a pal and I saw WALL-E); I might just do that this weekend and find something artsy in New York.

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