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Why I Love Working With Kids

Today, I was reminded why I love working with kids.

I subbed for Ms. L, one of my favorite teachers.  Rooster has this teacher, which means he’s in one of my classes when I sub for her.

While my students were working on a project, a student from another class came by to visit.  He had been one of my students when I subbed four days in a row for a different teacher.  Somehow, we clicked.  I think it had surprised him that his ADD didn’t bother me.  We had managed to get through that week with the understanding that as long as he completed his work, we’d get along just fine.

Last week, while I was in Ms. L’s room, he had popped his head in to say hello.  Everyone LOVES Ms. L, and they are always disappointed when they see me sitting in her chair instead.  However, this student smiled, came in, and we talked a little while.

During his chat, I called him out on something that had been bothering me for a while.  One afternoon, while driving down the street after school, I saw him walking home and smoking a cigarette.  He’s a junior.  He has no business smoking.

He seemed embarrassed.  He told me that his parents smoke and know of his habit.  I gentle reminded him of the nasty ramifications of smoking.  He already knew of them.  He’s a smart guy.  I asked him if he would quit smoking, and he said he would try.  Then, I told him that I would be subbing the next week (today), and I would be checking on him.

So that’s when he came to the room today.  He proudly announced that he had not smoked since that day, although he had been slightly tempted and would certainly be tempted tonight while hanging out with friends.  I told him to be strong and be an example for them.  I’ll be praying for him.

Then, he opened up to me about a friend who OD’d on cold medicine.  This is a friend who attends the same high school.  My heart is sad.  I’m not dumb.  I’ve seen news stories about kids doing drugs.  But to have one of your own students tell you about it.  Well, it broke my heart.

After the student left, I was reminded that this is why I love being in the schools.  To have an impact on even one student makes my heart swell with joy.  It’s why I keep returning.  One life at a time…all for God’s glory.

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