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Getting Attached

This week, I subbed in the same classroom from Monday through Thursday.  I had two 11th-grade Honors English classes and one 10th-grade Honors English class.  The first day was all about getting acquainted with the classroom setup and students.

The second day was when the real fun began.  The students were respectful and cooperative.  My 10th-grade class enjoyed reading and discussing Julius Caesar.  So did I.  I am fortunate in that I took many history classes in college, and I love watching the history and biography channels on TV.  I was able to supplement the words that the students were reading with historical information, and I tied in some things to current events they could relate to.  I enjoyed watching the light go on in several students’ eyes.

This week, I administered three exams, and sure, the students grumbled about the unfairness of them, but we pushed on.

They’ll be getting a permanent sub tomorrow.  Their regular teacher has departed for maternity leave.  Obviously, the school’s administration chose to put someone else in this classroom.  I’m sad because in only four short days, I’ve grown quite fond of “my” kids.  Sure, I had some talkers.  But we’ve already bonded.  They understand that I see the intelligence that lies just below the surface, and I think they respect me in return for this.

I’m so glad that my children attend this school and that I frequently sub there.  At least I will still get to see my kids…perhaps even sub for them again soon.

I guess this is what it will be like to have my own classroom…taking partial ownership of the young persons who are being entrusted to my care.

I eagerly await that day!

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