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Enter At Your Own Risk

Today was my first official day as a Not-Quite-Full-Time-Sub.  Rebecca sent me an email asking me how it felt not be at the law firm.  To be honest, I can’t really tell a difference yet.  After all, I’ve been in and out a lot the last couple of months with the subbing jobs I’ve picked up.  I’m pretty sure I’ll notice in a couple of weeks though.  Especially when I can’t run downstairs to chat with Ms M.

God has been so gracious in providing a solid week of work, though.  This is an interesting story in itself (I’ll get to the topic of this post eventually, so hang in there).

When I went to work (at the law firm) on Friday, I had two subbing jobs set for this week…one on Monday and one on Friday.  Well, I frequently check the subbing website where jobs are posted.  First come, first serve.  As soon as I logged in, I saw a message that Monday’s subbing job had been canceled.

Great.  Just what I need.  So, I confirmed that I had read the message and looked for other assignments.  None were to be had.

About 30 minutes later, I received a phone call from the teacher who had canceled the assignment.  She was quite apologetic, but I understood.  Things happen.

Immediately after our conversation, I checked the website again.  Lo and behold…another full-day assignment for the same high school.  I snatched it from the world known as Internet Space.

Woo Hoo! I thanked God for his provision.

Later that day, on my way back from the lunch that I had been treated to, I received a phone call from the high school:

“Hi AuburnChick.  This is your favorite school.  We canceled your Monday assignment…”

Okay…I thought to myself…wondering what I had done wrong…

“And here’s why,” she continued. “We’ve given you a four-day assignment instead since we love you so much.”

Wow!  They can rearrange my schedule any time they want if it means more work!

Added to the already-existing Friday assignment, my calendar for the following week was full.

Now, I’ve always known how amazing God is…how faithful He is to care for His children.  It sure is nice when things like this happen though.  Whoever said that God isn’t real hasn’t walked in my shoes.  Every day has a God-incidence.

Fortunately, the Chicky children have grown used to my presence at school.  In fact, I think they are starting to like it.  It’s convenient for them to come in and borrow snack money.  Sometimes Soccer Chick will come by my room just to say hello.  I treasure these moments.

Today, Rockin’ Rooster texted me during his lunch.

“Mama, can you run home during your lunch and get my soccer stuff?”

The boy had hurt his ankle this weekend and wasn’t planning on dressing out for soccer practice.  Apparently he changed his mind halfway through the day.

“Sure thing, oh planner-child of mine.  Where is your stuff?” I asked.

“In my room,” he replied.

So, like a good mom, I ran home.  How fortunate that my neighborhood is right beside the school.  I could get there and back in plenty of time.

Here’s what I saw when I opened the door to Rooster’s room:

Stepping further in, I spied this:

Oh yeah.  This was not good.  Where in the world was I going to find soccer shorts, a shirt, socks, and heaven forbid stinky shin guards.

I dug in with much trepidation.  After a few minutes, I just started throwing things over my head figuring that the room was already a disaster — there was no way I was going to make it worse.

I stuck several different things in his bag, grabbed his shoes off of the shoe dryer on the way to the car, and made my way back to the school.

Guess what Rooster is doing before he goes to bed tonight?

Maybe then we’ll be able to remove the caution tape.

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