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A Knitter in Need

This week, I received a prayer request from a friend on Knittinghelp.com. Her 10 year-old son was badly burned in an accident. He received 2nd and 3rd degree burns on 60% of his body and was transported to a Shriner’s hospital for long-term care. He will probably be at the hospital for a couple of months, minimum.

The knitter and I have grown to know each other through our chat sessions on the KH site. She works nights and pops in during the early evening hours before her shifts begin. I’ve asked her questions about my animals, since she works at an animal clinic, and we’ve commiserated about raising children. It’s amazing to me how the internet has brought me close to so many people.

Something that humbles me is the fact that she turned to me for prayer. I don’t know if she is a Christian, but she knows that I am, and that she can count on me to pray. One of the first times that we actually “clicked” during a chat was when she told me that she had a good night at work the evening before. I was glad for her but didn’t understand the point she was making. Sometimes I’m a bit slow, you see.

She went on to explain that the afternoon before, I had told her that I would pray that her evening was slow, with the hope that there would be few pet emergencies. Apparently, the Lord had answered my prayers for her that evening, and it touched her heart. It’s something she hasn’t forgotten and a reason why she turned to me a few days ago.

I am humbled.

I am not a perfect person…far from it, in fact. My family can testify to this, trust me. I am conscientious, though, when I’m out in “public.” I am very aware that people are watching me. Our lives are, for the most part, open books. That I have garnered any kind of respect is not of my own doing but the Lord’s. He turns the ugly in me into something beautiful in others’ eyes. That is a miracle in itself because the ugly is really ugly. Trust me. I know myself.

My friend gave me the phone number and address of the hospital, and I gathered my nerves and called her. What do you say to a person you’ve never actually met?

“Hello, this is Nathalie…uh, AuburnChick, how are you?”

That was a good beginning. I told her my heart aches for her and that I’m praying for her. I asked what we can do for her, and she was very hesitant. It’s difficult to receive help from others. I told her that she would have her turn to give one day. Thankfully, she has grown more willing to tell me what she needs. Once I had my list, I got moving. I immediately posted a request on Knittinghelp.com, and the response has been immediate and extremely generous.

One knitter has begun a Granny Square Knit-a-Long. Her goal is to get 20 8×8 squares and have them seamed together into a blanket by the middle of August. This is the same knitter who will be doing the border for Ms. Jean’s blanket.

One of our Canadian members organizes a charity blanket project with other Canadian KH’ers. They have unanimously decided to donate their Teddy Bear Love blanket to my friend’s son. It is a beautiful blanket. I’ve seen pictures.

Many people are sending cards and other goodies to the hospital. Some have sent money to my Paypal account. I will use this money to purchase prepaid cell phone cards, balloons (mylar, of course), and some other types of gift cards…perhaps Walmart or Visa cards to help pay for the practical needs of the family.

I am incredibly awed by the outpouring of love. A knitter in need is the SOS that draws the masses to the rescue.

If you want to contribute to this cause by sending money or a card or any other item, please let me know. Please keep my friend, her son, and the rest of her family in your prayers.

One Response

  1. Please send me information so I can at least send a card.

    Thank you!

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